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HorrorBlips calls it a day

It’s not uncommon in this market to see websites arise and fold overnight. Especially if they are primarily reliant on advertiser revenue to keep them afloat. Let’s face it…the economy hasnt been good for anyone, websites included. While we strive to keep our little carving of the niche alive, we’ve also seen quite a few sites fold, slow down or drop off like a freshly printed pink slip. In fact, we hold on to our day jobs, so that our own sector doesn’t have to rely on pure advert revenue… (but it sure would be nice ;)

While checking on the plethora of horror sites this morning, I noticed another one who features a sort of feed rehashing scheme sporting the dread “thankyou for the interest…no longer supported” message Horrorblips, a smaller division of Dailyradar.com has pulled the plug.

Such is the life of the online world. We’ve also seen quite a few changes, management changes…hiring, firing, that sort of thing on the internet this last year, of which Fangoria comes to mind. Simple enough folks, if your being funded and you dont show the proper returns to your funder, they treat your niche just like any corporate day job. This is the way of the business world. In any case, we are made up of horror lovers ourselves, so for now you can rely on us to do what we love to do.

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