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Drop Goblin Releases “THE GATE” Through Ultragore Records

Manchester, New Hampshire – Metalstep mastermind Drop Goblin released his much anticipated EP The Gate through Ultragore Records today.

The Gateis completely horror themed and tells a story of demonic domination inspired by the 1987 film. Each element is custom layered using aggressive Dubstep production and Heavy-Metal guitar riff-age to tell the story of a Demon walking through the gate to cause havoc to the world, and to further define the term ‘Metalstep.–Drop Goblin

And to reward his growing fan base, Gob Kids and fresh followers alike can scoop up his free track, No Hope HERE

Connect With Drop Goblin:
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Dubbed as “EDM’s Neighborhood Punk Ass”, Drop Goblin is a Heavy Bass DJ & Producer residing in New Hampshire, USA. With a background in Metal & Hardcore sound design, many of his Dubstep style productions revolve around the darker & angrier side of the EDM genre. To contrast this dark style sound, he also enjoys creating vibrant Glitch-Hop style tracks with a more pop style bounce.

Drop’ credits his fans (more widely known as “Gob Kids”) and his family for the motivation to produce and perform consistently over the past years. He has been quoted, when asked about his perspective on things, by replying:

Other than the music itself, I only give a shit about two other things in this business; My fans, and my family. Without them, I would not do what I do. Many other artists seem to have forgotten this within themselves.

To enhance his live performance, Drop Goblin has chosen to mix exclusively on two independently un-synced iPads. This format allows him to keep up with current technology, but not lose sight of the actual work involved to keep a live mix going in real time and make quick changes on demand.

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