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Vamps: Lary Love Dolley


Lary Love Dolley may have been born on the 4th of July, but she lives life like everyday is Halloween. A looker with a heart of mold, the New Orleans based Writer/Model/Actor first appeared on the screen in the indie feature film “Cigarette Girl” (2009) in the supporting role of “Hat Check Girl”, followed by small roles on MTV’s “5$ Cover”, “Treme”,”Memphis Beat”,”Worst. Prom. Ever.” , feature film “The Courier”(2012) and as a stand in on “The Power of the Few” (2013) in addition to two commercials. As an alternative model she has appeared on several websites and Bizarre magazine as a Bizarre Ultra Vixen and was photographed by Alec Soth.

In addition to acting and modeling, the rocking Rivethead has also made music in the Grindcore band Tortured Cunt Meat as the vocalist/lyricist, as well as being vocalist/lyricist/drum programming for infernal industrial project Razorblade Sex, serial killer song cover band ,Halothane, and drummer for all girl punk band, Vagina Dentata (formerly known as The Orphans)

An avid fan of the horror genre since childhood, the aspiring self made scream queen hopes to make her mark with unique original horror scripts. In September 2012, a horror short she wrote and acted in about a gothic amateur necromancer “Invocate” won the Audience Award at Time Code: Nola Super 8 mm Film Fest in September of 2012. Her experimental short horror film, “esc” has received 50,000+ views on Youtube since September 2012. Her latest project was “SKG”, a horror short she wrote and acted in. She looks forward to more opportunities to shoot her horror scripts and act in the genre,while not ruling out the possibility of starting a horror production company.


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