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Hipster Zombies infect the iOS App Store

Karlsruhe, Germany, April 23rd, 2013 – The young German independent game developer Sharkbomb Studios is bringing it’s debut game Hipster Zombies to Apple iOS devices. After having only been available on Android it is now available to mac-loving hipsters all over the world. Starting today the brain-blowing game is available for iPhones 3GS and newer, all iPads and the iPod Touch starting with the 4th generation.

In this light-hearted arcade action game you need to defend your neighborhood against invading hordes of zombified hipsters. In the night they shamble towards your block looking for brains and vintage clothes. If you can’t stop them they will tear down your barricades and ruin your home. Can you hold them back until sunlight? And can you do it with nothing but trash for weapons?

“When living itself becomes to mainstream, what else is there to do?”, said Joachim Eckert, Technical Director of Sharkbomb Studios while packing his pipe.

You’re in a hurry? Need easy-to-digest bullet points? Here you go:

• Zombies! – It’s a zombie game, so what did you expect? However in our game the Zombies are also hipsters. Plus there’s different types of them and they do different stuff.

• Places! – Defend a variety of distinct locations against the hipster zombie onslaught. Anything from the run-down back alley to the little coffee shop on the corner. Each level features it’s own pattern of attackers that you have to master. Otherwise it would be totally boring.

• Guns! – Of course a games with zombies needs some weapons! But in our game the guns are also Trash! To dispatch the Hipster Zombies you’ll have to kill them with what they desire most in (un)life, and that’s useless, old junk like vinyl records or bombs made out of old typewriters. And of course you can upgrade them!

• Irony! – What would a game about Hipsters be without irony? We don’t know either because you can certainly find some in ours, if you look for it. You get no bonus points for doing so but you might find yourself rewarded with a smug sense of satisfaction.

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