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Interview: Krystal Akin (Stevenson)

Exclusive Horrornews Interview- Krystal Akin (Stevenson)

What is your earliest memory of watching horror movies from your childhood?

Oh wow….Young! LOL! Maybe as young as 8 years old…or 10. I know it was a few years before my teens. My best friend Elizabeth would stay the night alot and we would watch them. Sometimes my mom would watch them with us. She is a night owl too. My dad would already be in bed and not too much into horror and gore.

I remember watching all the good ones especially on USA UP ALL NIGHT! My favorites were Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Chopping Mall or Killbots, Chucky, One Dark Night, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and many many more! Alot of the 80’s! One of my favorites of all time is a comedy/horror called “There’s Nothing Out There”! A Must See!

How did you get started acting?

I knew I always wanted to act ever since I found out movies were fake. That people did that for a living. Well…Pick ME! Harder than it looks though…lol. I started out as a model on onemodelplace.com and a friend of mine joined with me.

A local indepenent movie maker, producer…all of the above contacted my friend. He asked her if she was interested and if she wasn’t then if she knew anyone that was. No pay…just for the experience and something to have under your belt. She just wanted to model and not act. She told me about it and I got the part!

What horror movies have you recently been involved in?

Aberrations! That was the last b-horror I was involved in. It has many shorts in it and I play the Geocacher in the short Cashe’. It is about a crazed sniper (Eric Spudic) who uses geocaching as a lure for his victim…ME! My husband Zach also played in it. He was the construction worker that didn’t hear my cry for help. He never hears the end of that lol!

Right before that I was the Radio Announcer in “Hate”. (Voice-Over)
I was some of the ghostly voices in “Rise of the Ghosts”. (Voice-Over)

You can also see me in “Dead Clowns” which was released by Lionsgate. I am towards the end holding the shot gun! I loved that part because it made me look bad ass! My first shot was in the b-horror movie world was “Psycho Santa”. I played Alice…the sister of the brother and sister team. Some others are “Evilution”, “Wolfika” & “Cadaver Bay” also known as “Hellbound: Book of the Dead.

What has been the proudest moment in your career so far?

I would have to say in Cashe’. Since it was the last one I did. Running through the woods and getting scratched up and bruised. Crawling and getting all dirty. Falling when I got shot. We did that scene a few times and I fell down dead. I was sooo bruised and scratched. I loved it! I am my own stunt double! And I did what I had to do Gladly! I had sooo much fun!

I also have to say Psycho Santa as well. That was my first movie! I was good at being the sarcastic older sister. And who doesn’t love the bus scene towards the end? You have to watch it to know what I am talking about.

I have alot of proud moments. I think because I just actually LOVE doing it! Not many actors and actresses out there that just do it, cause they love it anymore. It’s all about how much they get if they do it.

What do you think about Hollywood of remaking everything as of late?

Ummmm…lol! 50/50% I mean some I don’t mind. All the cool effects they can do now, but others not so much. Example: I loved “Clash of the Titans” and wanted a remake with cool effects. Then I was pissed when they didn’t have a 3 headed dog and they tossed the robot owl!

Then growing up I remember “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” scaring me. I watched again as I got older and had no clue why it scared me. Then I saw the remake of it and it freaks me out lol! So I think it just all depends. Don’t remake movies that are already great. Example: The Wizard of OZ…DON’T TOUCH IT! Other movies…might can work with some minor changes and make the effects AWESOME! Don’t take out the cool stuff that made the original great! Like the OWL!

How would you define a Scream Queen?

A great actress that loves the horror scene. She has to love old horror and b-horror. Gotta be ok with blood and guts. Never be ashamed of your movies. If I ever get famous…I would still be proud of my old movies and parts. It’s what made me and got my start! And most importantly….GOTTA Scream to be Queen!

Do you have any interesting (or dare I say crazy) stories that happened while making any of your films?

While filming “Psycho Santa” we used this old curvy road that led to a private family cemetery. We had permission from the family that owned it as long as we didn’t film the cemetery. We just needed the road and woods. Cops check out that road often due to intruders among other things. The cemetery is also known to be haunted which I did investigate a couple of times with Shadowz Paranormal. Anyway…we were out there filming and a cop pulls up. We told him that we had permission and then he started telling us stories of things that happened out there. One was a story of them finding a dead naked woman in front of the gates of the cemetery. Later when I investigated with Shadowz we caught an EVP of a woman in despair. I was glad to inform them of what I knew and that it could be that poor girl the police found.

Also while filming Cashe’ on this local nature trail. We saw 3 police in full uniform carrying assault rifles and wearing bullet proof vests. They asked us if we saw anyone else out there. Supposedly someone called and was suicidal or someone else called about someone being suicidal. It’s a good thing we were done filming my running and hiding scenes! We were done and had not walked the whole trail. So I am not sure if anyone else was out there or not. We left and did the scene where I get shot at another place not too far from the nature trail, but far enough.

What inspires your creativity?

My Imagination and just having fun with it! Being someone else! I can go from sweet to sarcastic to bad ass! And I LOVE That! I die in a lot of the movies though. Ready to be the Bad Ass Hero! And I love that a lot of the people I have worked with just let me go and make the character! She is usually sarcastic, but I just have to put a little of me in my characters lol!

Do you believe in the paranormal ( things like ghosts and UFOs )?

Oh Yes! Absolutely! I grew up in a haunted house which I still live in. It comes out usually after midnight. It doesn’t like you being loud. It would knock on walls and also this door knocker we had on the middle bedroom door. It hangs out mostly in the hallway and middle bedroom. It turned the bathroom doorknob on me when I was younger. It pulled on the bottom on my mom’s nightgown. We think it’s a child.

The middle bedroom is now my son’s room. We will hear his toys go off…even when he is not here. And hear a childs laugh or giggle…and it’s not my son. Sometimes he is not here and I hear the sounds and think it might be him until I realize it cannot be my son. I have also seem my old dog that passed away walk into my room. And one night I went to the kitchen and heard my name called out loud Clear As Day! I was a ghost hunter for Shadowz Paranormal who are a family member of T.A.P.S. but didn’t do it too long. It was awesome but a lot of places started being out of town and I had to work and stuff.

Are you looking to make any horror or sci fi movies in the near future?

Ohhhh I hope so! It’s hard here in Mississippi, but I think it’s starting to make a place in the Hollywood world! All I can do it keep on doing what I do and being me! I am ready for another movie! I did just finish a local one in 2012 called “The Job”, but after the little premier for the cast and crew I haven’t heard about it since. It’s not on IMBd and I have no copy of it yet. It wasn’t b-horror, but more Drama/Thriller. It was pretty good though. My husband played a bigger part in that movie with me so I do hope it gets posted on IMBd and I get a copy soon. But I definitely am ready and eager for any other movie opportunities!

Interview: Krystal Akin (Stevenson)

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