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Last Sunset – Author O.A.T.H plans interactive novel

So You Wanna Be a Serial Killer?

Astoria, Oregon – August 22, 2010 – The writer who goes only by the name O.A.T.H. is giving readers of his new horror novel the chance.

“The story, Last Sunset will be unlike books that readers have experienced before. Even the way it will be read will be different,” O.A.T.H. says.

Last Sunset tells the story of Derek and Camille, an average American couple who barely survive a brutal attack by a masked serial killer. After, as they try to put their lives back together they discover that the killer has posted videos of the attack on Last Sunset, an underground website where killers post videos of their kills. When an attempt to hack into the site fails, the couple learns that their identities have been found out, and now all the killers on the website know where they live.

Up to this point this sounds like standard slasher fare, but O.A.T.H. promises that the secret will be in how the story of Last Sunset will be told.

And this is where O.A.T.H.’s tale leaves the well trodden path of standard publishing. “Last Sunset will be completely interactive in ways no other book has ever been. Readers will be able to interact with the characters of the novel, play a part and even change the POV. Readers will be able to email characters and warn them of impending doom by watching web cams. But Last Sunset will also give the chance to do the unthinkable, to change sides, to become the killer and re-experience the entire story from his point of view. “You’ve never read a story where you side with the victims in one reading, and then stalk them yourself in the next.”

To pay for production of the novel the author has listed it on KICKSTARTER and INDIGOGO two fund-raising sites. Supporters can get copies of the interactive story, t-shirts and even get a chance to be in the movie.




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