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Film Review: Genki Genki 17 (Octopus)


Numerous tentacles coil around female bodies. The suckers cling to their skin, stimulating all the most sensitive areas. Their licentious desire knows no limits.


While there have been many atrocious Asian films released over the years, you do have to admit that they tend to rule the market in imagination. “Genki-Genki” #17 is one in a series of Genki Genki films designed and executed by horror artist Daikichi Amano . While we try to stay away from files that fall into the p*rn category, this recent one we acquired was just too odd and abstract not to include in our Extreme Cinema” collection. This particular film from the series is one that goes under the English translation of “”octopus p*rn”

A young girl sits naked handcuffed and chained in a small basket, as another fully nude (crotch blurred) girl taunts her with octopus parts. The whole thing is rather bizarre and somehow meant to invoke some kind of erotica optopus session by smothering the captive girl with dead slimy tentacles. It begins to heat up as the captive is made to take in a mouth full of the girl’s breast while being slapped around in the process. This progresses into our captive being force fed tentacles meant to invoke some sort of aquatic fellatio fetish (if only she ever looked like she was actually enjoying it all).

While the presentation can’t help but feel “sexy”, (in its own way at times) it’s done with the aid of dead octopus parts that even being shoved up her crotch somehow feel more horrific than anything, But as you might guess it does get hotter with a live octopus being brought in for some breast hugging and foreplay. When this live “thing” is placed in her crotch and stimulated with a phallic device it’s time to call in the “you gotta be kidding me” police for a time out.

I suppose the whole experience is harmless from a participant perspective seeing that they are literally playing with their food, though I’m used to seeing this kind of stuff in horror anime releases and “not” done in real life. For that alone, it’s something different for the sake of being different.

Now for all its worth this piece is intended to be weird p*rn that I believe was created for the sake of being…. weird. I can’t help but wonder why these young girls agreed to getting aquatic animals shoved up their cooch unless somehow they really enjoyed it. In one scene the octopus is aided per way of an electronic dildo that is used to shove it up farther. By the 3rd act the 2 girls have seemed to submit to some serious lesbian p*rn while doing so smothered in octopus parts.

The scenes get more explicit as they urinate on this now over-abused creature while still keeping all the private areas properly blurred. The 2 exchange some double penetrating tentacle action while keeping things as erotic as they can for “that” small crowd of octo-erotic fetish lovers who demand their p*rn served up …well….weird, I suppose. Daikichi Amano is one demented visionary who fills a small need for the world or horror-based aquatic erotica. Seeing that this is not just a one off, but 1 in a series of other weird experiments, you can rest assured that you’ve moved 1 step closer to “seeing everything”. I’m not how often you’ll get asked about octopus p*rn, but if you do, then you have just the thing to meet the needs of your fellow viewers.

Genki Genki 17 (Octopus)

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