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Grab A Can Of RAID And Prepare For THE NEST 3D

Coming at us from director Kimble Rendall is a creepy crawly spider flick THE NEST. Must be that time of year, seems like I’m telling you all about a lot of spider flicks. THE NEST just got itself some new sales art and I thought you might want to check it out.


When an Australian scientist goes missing in the Chinese desert, a team of his friends and colleagues embark on a search and rescue mission. However, once in the wilderness, the search party is forced by a flash fire to abandon its mission, and on seeking shelter in an abandoned building, they find themselves face to face with an even more terrifying threat: the Funnel Webs. Swarms of the deadliest subterranean spiders have been driven to the surface by the heat, and now the mission has quickly become one of survival.

Keep it here, I’ll update you as the news comes on on this one.


  1. Ah. I’m beginning to get confused with all the Spider 3D movies out there – and none of them are making it to a theater nearby – so, how is a 3D fanatic supposed to enjoy the film the way it was intended. Sigh.

    • We just got in Spiders 3D yesterday – I think perhaps it has your name written all over it for review?? ;)
      yes, big spiders seems to be an odd trend for the moment, but I’m a purist and sticking with the Tarantula (1955)

  2. Yeah, those old spider and bug movies were great. I spent many a saturday afternoon watching insects kill humans.


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