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Book Review: Beyond the Power of Your Subconcious Mind – Author C. James Jensen

I know what your thinking…why is a “psychological help book” appearing on a horror site? Well, for one, we take on all sorts of metaphysical psychological and paranormal subjects under review. When it comes to layering the mind or injecting thoughts that produce life changing results, we tend to lump “those” books into this often expansive category. As a book reviewer, I’m most interesting in these aspects of the genre and the relational genre. They may not directly deal with film, hauntings, or scary creatures… but they do deal with life altering subjects.

I was very excited to review this latest read titled: “Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind“. The author C. James Jensen, tells up front that he has studied the works of Dr. Joseph Murphy and as a faithful follower of his teachings, felt the need to republish “his” work with his own embellishments added in. In short, the student becomes the teacher, but the teaching are not abandoned…just expanded on.

So faithfully and momentarily intrigued, I decided to give this one my full attention this week. I was curious how the subconscious can install change, success, tranquility and the tools to achieve all that one can be (or want). In the interim we are educated on the way the mind works with the conscious and subconscious always exchanging notes. The conscious making decisions but the subconscious making things happen so that the conscious can make the right choices. Yep, it’s a give and take that by training one to achieve a closer relationship between the 2 can set in motion the things that they desire.

The book offers healthy suggestions, one’s that transform your environment merely by affirmation and thinking within a positive spectrum. It teaches you to do away with negative thoughts and suggestions, especially the ones that you originate. It teaches you to focus energy on these positives and not let the words of others discourage. It begins a simple transformation that sparks that notion and assumption that things will be wonderful, healthy and fulfilling. While this isn’t something we haven’t heard before in some capacity, its worth noting that it “is” noted for the process to work.

As the book progresses, it further its foundation with the statement that “self concept is the regulating mechanism that determines our level of performance in every day life”. The chapter makes alot of sense by establishing that in essence our destinies are determined by an alteration of self concept mechanisms, in other words…. how we perceive ourselves deciding our reality (to some extended). Now this concept is powerful one, and in essence the concept of what the “Secret” alluded to. However scraping away the metaphysical aspect, it’s an important building block to set your internal action planes in motion……cool eh?

Other chapters go into steps for faith healing, creative problem solving, directed visualization, personal power, and harmonious thinking. There is a direct method for dealing with the fear we all share in doing new things, but more importantly reprogramming our psyche to accept these new things. While enlightenment is the ultimate goal, so is the power to design ones ability to achieve success thru training. In short their is a correlation made between action, reaction, and “Inaction”.

Now being that this is a book review, I didn’t want to give away too much meat to readers, but rather reinforce that this small easy to read book “does” indeed have an impressive mental workshop that I recommend everyone spending some times with. I was hooked from the start and plan on slowing my reading down (in this case) to take in all the advice given. While the book might seem odd for a recommended read on a horror site, our aim is to tackle the best of the reads in the alternative and metaphysical markets. In this case, the metaphysics is your own personal journey into new realities. Give this one a go, and then buy a few copies for your relatives!

Book Review: Beyond the Power of Your Subconcious Mind – Author C. James Jensen

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