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Home | Film Review: I’m Dead (short film) (2011)

Film Review: I’m Dead (short film) (2011)


A couple of friends in a nature hike, what was to be a quiet day of relaxation, you will soon become a nightmare without end.


Whoa. I know Italians are known for speaking quickly, but the pace in which the dialogue flies by in this Italian language short is ridiculous. The English subtitles whizzed by at such breakneck speed it was very difficult to figure out at first what was even going on. This may sound more like a technical complaint, and in a way it is, but, the entire film maintains a whiplash pacing that makes it very tough for the viewer to clamp down on the story and really get into it. Not that the story is very original. “I’m Dead” is the story of Lisa, who goes on a camping trip with her best friend, a male whose name we don’t learn. “Male friend” makes things awkward by professing his love, which Lisa does not return.

Lisa goes for a walk in the woods alone. A while later, hearing her screaming, “Male friend” tries to locate her and ends up ensnared in a beartrap. Both “friends” have been captured by a skinny guy with really bad nail fungus who keeps them in an underground looking cave sort of dwelling. “Skinny Guy” seems mostly interested in torturing Lisa. The film has a terrible habit of using cut away shots far too frequently. I’m wondering if there was an especially low sfx budget that was the cause of this- every time a bit of gore or violence is supposed to be used, the camera instead cuts away fast to something else. It doesn’t really matter, since nothing in the film , from the acting, to the lack of tone makes it a worthwhile watch. It moves at rollercoaster pace, but its the sort of rollercoaster that would leave you badly motion sick and wanting a refund.

I’m Dead (short film) (2011)

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