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Home | “Midnight Hour” spins tale of workforce violence in October’s “Black Friday”

“Midnight Hour” spins tale of workforce violence in October’s “Black Friday”

Most adults can tell horror stories about jobs they’ve held at one time or another, but in October the cult TV series “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour” takes workforce treachery to the next level in its latest installment, “Black Friday.”

TRAILER: http://youtu.be/m3EumvizzFc

This all-new episode tells the story of Griffith (Phil Elam), a security guard at a sprawling industrial complex, whose face is not-so-accidentally crushed by a forklift triggered by one of his co-workers; but which one? Each of the employees present at the scene of the crime has a shady secret captured on surveillance tape, which they’ll do anything to find. Meanwhile, Griffith escapes from the hospital with a single mission: to use whatever means necessary to learn the identity of his attacker and to kill them.

This entry boasts fine cinematography, performances and effects, setting the stage nicely for Halloween. “Black Friday” airs every Thursday and Saturday throughout the month of October. For channels, times and a live streaming video simulcast link, visit www.leemartinsthemidnighthour.com.

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