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Home | Film Review: Fat Kid Massacre (2012) (short film)

Film Review: Fat Kid Massacre (2012) (short film)


A touching story of a former fat kid (Ryan Sandefur) who now struggles with his identity as a muscular, good looking teenager after losing all the weight. The constant target of his former friends – The Fat Bullies – a killer takes it upon themselves to even the score one fat kid at a time.


Imagine a world where the skinny “fit” guy is the outcast. That’s exactly the idea that director writer Brandon Sites had in mind.

After 3 overweight friends berate former friend Ian (Ryan Sandefur) for losing weight, The fat black one of the group (character names un-mentioned) finds himself later tied to chair and taunted by a masked man who feeds him twinkies to his death? (aka killer Ian)

BDHR presents an 8 minute short that acts as a teaser to a longer “fat kid” film. There really isn’t much to talk about on this one. In fact, a short film posed as a teaser pretty much kills the feature for me unless its packing all kinds of nasty special effects.

The credits actually made me laugh the most with “fat bully”, “black fat kid”, and “fat tag along” as the character names. The irritating thing here is that there is no massacre, hence the title which sounds better that the reality of what you are about to watch. I suppose if you were to put your mind to it, you could come up with a cool fat kids gore-psycho creation, but so far, all I see here is fat with no substance.

Fat Kid Massacre (2013) (short film)

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