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Book Review: Zombie Eye for the Living Guy – Authors Alexander Colby | J.M. Hewitt

It must be getting close to Halloween season as the zombie goods are starting to ramp up. And speaking of ramping up, you might just dig this new offering by Marion Street Press and author J.M. Hewitt that gives you a smattering of tips and advice on how to really zombify yourself to the rest of the world. Wondering about how you should walk and what “gait” you should be using? Maybe your just trying to get the odor of the undead correct or the hairstyle to appear forlorn and recently dug up?

The book is “Zombie Eye for the Living Guy” which takes a comedic look at prepping for zombie-tranformation and making sure you have all your trademarks up to par. Now I will say it was a disappointed not to see all the great photos included left to black and white pages, but…there are alot of images here and they are still pretty gruesome even if they are gray. The book is a perfect Halloween gift with page after page of nasty zombie pics and helpful advice for the sole purpose of gross out and humor.

You might be thinking of brewing up some zombie recipes for guests (real food not witch food)…. well there are quite alot of those included for setting the stage at the next scary get-together. How bout the types of zombie? Which do you plan of partaking in the “drag zombie”, “the imitator”,”wabi-zombie”, “the transzombie” or maybe some other variation of the undead?

How about those decorations that add to the perfect yard setting for unrest and chaos? Got an extra toilet laying around, a pile of hangers or a grocery basket? Things like “tools in the kitchen”, “seduction”, “romance” and zombie social skills are all laid out for you so that you’ll have “no” trouble being the best corpse you can be.

“Zombie Eye for the Living Guy” is a fun little read that will go great with your zombie collectives. And if you are a die hard like me, you’ve got quite a bunch of these reads available now to get you one step close to being a real corpse yourself. It’s tongue and cheek humor designed to inspire you, make you laugh, and maybe even gross you out more than once. I’m guessing that if these pics “were” in color you’d have quite a flip thru of blood bath mayhem staring back and you. Alexander Colby, gives you a cool visual walk thru using a few dead men and alot of creepy images to make this a part visual part literature offering experience.

Make sure to start collecting your rotten eggs and Tofu brine, so not only can you look like a zombie, but smell like you just turned over in your own grave. Fun stuff for the zombie horde lover in you.

Book Review: Zombie Eye for the Living Guy – Authors Alexander Colby | J.M. Hewitt

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