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First stills of ISABELLE – Newest Film from Dead Lantern Pictures!

First screenshots from the newest flick, ISABELLE ( working title). Here’s a brief synopsis:

The legend of Isabelle Wakeworth was born in the summer of 1952 when her father carved out her eyes with a broken lightbulb. Institutionalized, Izzy soon escaped and took her revenge on her own family, murdering thirteen people before her own sister was able to stop her for good. Now, 60 years later, a mysterious darkness has begun swallowing the earth bringing monsters in its wake. Isabelle Wakeworth has been reborn and she’s found a new group family members to hack, slice, dice, and eviscerate!

Dead Lantern Pictures, creators of OUTPOST DOOM, bring you the next chapter in slasher mayhem, ISABELLE! Designed to be a fun, scary, and gory ride from start to finish, ISABELLE will give slasher fans a new killer to follow, the Greek tragedy mask donned Isabelle Wakeworth! Follow us each week on the Splattercast horror podcast from DeadLantern.com as we document the filming of an independent movie from production to finish!

We’re very excited to share some of these screenshots with you. We’ve got a facebook group going  and will have a dedicated website soon, but for now, all official news on the film can be found at: www.deadlantern.com/category/isabelle/

Some additional info on the film:

The DVD/Blu-Ray will have two versions of the film, one color, and the other black and white. Principal photography should be wrapped in late September with an early 2013 release set. The film stars Desiree Cade, Jeremy Cech, Steve Eaton, Julia Farrell, Chris Muckey, and Maddy Griep as Isabelle Wakeworth. Our goal with this film is to make a fun, gory as hell slasher film that subverts viewer expectations and we feel we’ve accomplished that so far. We’ve got about 35% of the film shot and have multiple big FX sequences planned for later this month. I’ll continue to update you guys with additional info and pics, including some video we’re working on in the future.

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