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Now Available! The House: A Gothic Horror Novel

Roderick Van Brunt’s “The House” is now available at your favorite online bookseller in both ebook format and a special illustrated paperback edition.

The story begins in the Hudson River Valley of upstate New York; 2011. Roger Braithwaite, a house restorer procures a gem in the rough. He’s finally purchased the old Gothic mansion called Locustwood. Roger has wanted this particular house for nearly twenty years. Or, is it the other way round?

The unsuspecting Braithwaite moves into his dream house, and quickly realizes it is actually his worst nightmare. He’s immediately besieged by mild lucid dreams and curious incidents, which then take a turn for the worse. At first Braithwaite thinks the house is haunted and brings in a young paranormal investigator – William Root to diagnose the problem. The two quickly become comrades in what turns out to be a life altering experience for them both. Together they uncover one dilemma after another with no solution in sight.

The stage sets itself when Root, unable to verify the presence of spirits in the house, enlists the aid of his mentor; a clairvoyant Dr. Julia Bannerman, and the distinguished Professor Spokes – an expert par excellence in the occult sciences. This combination of expertise and knowledge sheds considerable light on the situation, and in turn, unleashes a new string of events, as well as exposing the real problems at Locustwood.

Slowly the battle lines are drawn. The forces gather! Brilliant and persevering souls converge. All are vital to the cause. All are committed to the very end!
The stratagems plan their tactics, as the evil spirits encroach upon them!

The infiltration begins! Innocence and purity – wickedness and corruption; all one and the same! The gruesome history unfolds itself and reveals inscrutable evil. Ever progressive, ever patient, it advances to achieve its ultimate goal with all the time in the world on its side.

The pace of the story is fast; the entire book spans Roger Braithwaite’s occupancy at Locustwood, which is a mere eighteen days – an element that makes for a mind boggling read with riveting events! So get out the popcorn and lemonade and accompany Roger Braithwaite in his attempt to unravel the mysteries at Locustwood. Immerse yourself in this story of human vulnerability, reincarnation, a dangerously sexual enchantress, and the age old battle between good and evil!

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