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Hungry for the Ultimate Zombie Feast ? Grab the 5 Hour Collection

MONSTER PICTURES present ULTIMATE ZOMBIE FEAST, five hours of outstanding zombie films featured in a 2-disc set to be released on DVD on 8 October 2012. Yesterday, 14 August 2012, MONSTER PICTURES launched the brand new trailer for ULTIMATE ZOMBIE FEAST a mammoth feast of more than FIVE HOURS OF OUTSTANDING NEW ZOMBIE FILMS from around the world.

This is the ULTIMATE COLLECTION for any zombie movie fan featuring…

…the festival favourite Dead Hungry,

…the action-packed Arise,

…the gory-chic of Paris by Night of the Living Dead

…the exclusive feature-length Mormon zombie movie The Book of Zombie

…the clever animation of It Came from the West,

…one of India’s first ever zombie films Savages

and ten more zombie short films for fans to devour!!!

This unique 2-disc box-set of GUT-MUNCHING entertainment features something for everyone with an UNMISSABLE collection of UNDEAD THRILLS, CHILLS, and GUT SPILLS! Ultimate Zombie Feast will be released by Monster Pictures on DVD in the UK on 8 October 2012.

Available to pre-order

· Unique collection, nothing else like it for zombie fans with more than 5 hours of entertainment from around the world

· exclusively featuring The Book of Zombie – a 63-min Mormon zombie film

· something for everyone in its variety, from zombie comedy, to gory action, even to puppetry

· includes festival favourites Dead Hungry, Zombeer and It Came from the West



· Zombeer (Netherlands, 11 min)

· Zombies and Cigarettes (Spain, 17 min)

· Plague (UK, 17 min)

· Bitten (UK, 6 min)

· Arise (USA, 18 min)

· Not Even Death (USA, 5 min)

· Fear of the Living Dead (USA, 16 min)

· Kidz (Canada, 9 min)

· The Book of Zombie (USA, 64 min)


· Zombie Harvest (UK, 11 min)

· The Skin of Your Teeth (USA, 14 min)

· Zomblies (UK, 47 min)

· It Came from the West (Denmark, 16 min)

· Paris By Night of the Living Dead (France, 12 min)

· Savages (India, 39 min)

· Dead Hungry (UK, 10 min)


Label: Monster Pictures

Cat. No: BF88022

Barcode: 5060225880226

RRP: £15.32

Release Date: 8 October 2012

Certificate: 18

Run Time: 300+ min.

Format : Colour

Aspect Ratio: Various

Genre: Zombie / Horror

Director: Various

Year: Various

Country: Various

Language: Various

Subtitles: English (where applicable)

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