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Trailer: Scaredown Haunt

Trailer: Scaredown Haunt Trailer

A new Haunted Attraction coming to the Midwest this fall! SCAREDOWN is the festive child of independent filmmaker/ musician, Josh Hasty ( A Mannequin in Static, Judith, Total Skull).

This is a premier event that is unlike any other haunt you may have seen before. This six acre farm in Warren County, Ohio offers a state of the art, in your face walk through haunted barn and corn maze, as well as an actual haunted 1800’s farm house where you can experience a ghost hunt lit only by glow sticks!

Meanwhile, outside of the madness, folks can pick a jack o lantern from the pumpkin patch, and mingle with their festive treats around the large bon fire while they watch their favorite old monster movies on the big screen. SCAREDOWN is truly THE place to be this fall. The team has just released its official website (scaredown.com), designed by admirable horror freak, Kenny Caperton (Myers House N.C., Deviling). On the website you can find SCAREDOWN’s 2012 teaser trailer (directed by Josh Hasty of course). Kenny will also be making a trip to the haunt in August to co-design one of the rooms with Josh Hasty! And to top it off, Rob Zombie’s bassist, Piggy D., lent his talents in creating the official SCAREDOWN logo!

We are now hiring actors and crew for our highly anticipated season! So any interested candidates in the area can send their information to jobs@scaredown.com


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