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Tiffany Apan’s “Driving Nowhere” Wins – 16th Intern. Indie Gathering Film Festival

A second win at the International Indie Gathering Film Festival is in the cards for singer/songwriter/actress/producer/writer, Tiffany Apan. In 2010, her music video for her adaptation of “Scarborough Fair” off of her debut album POET won Best Music Video in the Open Music Video Category at the festival. This year her gothic supernatural thriller, “Driving Nowhere,” won Best Horror Short Script. The film is currently in production with Apan’s production company Poets Labyrinth Productions in association with Silver Springs Films and zDiet3 Productions. Apan is directing along with playing the role of Julia in the film. Also starring in the film are Tyffani Richards, Heidi Engel, Michael Varrati, David Dietz, Jason English, and Max Benjiman. It is being shot on location in the Pittsburgh, PA area and North Canton, OH.

2012 marks the 16th year for the film festival and showcases the work of independent filmmakers, musicians, and screenwriters. It is ran by multiple Emmy Award Winning stuntman and coordinator, Ray Szuch. More information on the event can be found at the festival’s official website:


In addition to the win with “Driving Nowhere,” another film titled “The Farm” in which Apan is also involved won for Best Horror Short Film. “The Farm” was produced by the production company Ghost Walk and filmed in Ohio. Two songs from Apan’s debut album, POET (“Black Forest” and “Ghost”) are featured in “The Farm.”

For more information on “Driving Nowhere” and “The Farm,” visit the website for both films:


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