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After Dark Delivers More Octane with ‘After Dark Action’

Alot of cool sounding action films have been coming our way this year, of which many can now be found under the branding of “After Dark Action

For more information you can check out the details at eventful

AFTER DARK ACTION which represents the next generation of action films featuring high concepts, high-octane, and the re-invention of classic action genres.

Building upon the success of Horrorfest® and After Dark Originals, After Dark Films has partnered with Silver Pictures to showcase 5 adrenaline-pumping films loaded the hottest martial arts, the most action packed car chases, gun fights and hand to hand weapon combat.

The lineup of international stars will not disappoint! Featuring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jim Caviezel, Cung Le, Dolph Lundgren, Christian Slater & Peter Weller, and more

Action Dark Action is Exploding in your city! Check out the action packed trailers at http://eventful.com/afterdarkaction

In theaters for one week only in select cities May 11th – 17th

Available nationwide on VOD May 11th

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