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Comic Review: Daffodil – Issue 1

Issue: Daffodil #1
Writers: Frederic Brremaud, Stephanie Logan, Marc Sumerak
Artist: Giovanni Rigano
Colors: Paolo Lamanna
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Editors: Olivier Jalabert, Cory Levine, Joe Quesada, Jean Wacquet, Jeff Youngquist
Publisher: Soleil (Marvel)
Release Date: January 2010
Pages: 48
Price: $5.99

“Addio-Colonnello is a distant town, a port beyond the oceans, many moons away from our Bohemian lands. Tragedy strikes when Nosferatu launches his assault, commanding his legion of vampires to descend upon this town. This is how the Lords of the Vampire Parliament make their point. The mission of Daffodil, Globuline and Achilles, three beautiful agents of the very same Vampire Parliament, is apprehend Nosferatu and uncover the motive for his crime.“

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5
This issue just felt like a movie to me. When I was done reading it all I could do is think back to how scenes played out and it just felt like I had watched a cartoon. While the characters in this are not done with amazing detail they have a good playfulness about them. I really enjoyed the look of all the different types of vampires too. Overall there was nothing disappointing to be found here, everything came off just right.

Story: 4.0 out of 5
It always makes me wonder when a book is translated what may be lost. At the beginning of the issue it seemed a little jumpy, but quickly settled itself down about 7 pages in. The story is nothing overly serious but more of a cool way to show the vampire lifestyle. I like how there is almost a new world created here where vampires and humans coexist. The most enjoyable parts came with the children “hostages” as I found myself laughing aloud. Talk about getting a strange look from the wife.

Dying Breath: 4.0 out of 5
Give me stories like this any day of the week. I want to see what other countries can bring to the horror scene. I loved the art here and enjoyed the story, so what more can I ask for? I know how about issue #2 already. Check this book out if your a vampire fan, the price may be a little higher than most books, but if you ask me it’s easily worth it. Solid work all around.

If you would like to buy Daffodil #1 you should be able to get it at your Local Comic Shop. You can find more info at http://marvel.com/comics/soleil

Comic Review: Daffodil – Issue 1

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