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Killer Asteroid on Path to Earth – Reports Come in

No joke, it’s coming down to the wire, as mentioned in this article here, an asteroid equating impact to that of a thermo-nuclear bomb, is on path to earth. further statistics on the detials are reported. Strange of all, our solutions are shooting it or throwing paint on it…ya go figure.

With estimates of 2 years to properly build a spacecraft to deal with it, some are saying all bets are off. Cutting that funding to NASA may have been the worst decision in history, but time will tell. According to reports, time is running out with impact estimated at 2013 year start.

We of course will hang on to the words of optimists as they speak of “near miss” or other means causing it to dissipate, though you have to wonder….where will we all need to be “come collision”?

Even with a near miss, you have to ask, what the global effects of an asteroid passing near our Earth’s magnetic field will trigger?

Among other concerns for the year ahead…whether global, political, biological, earth weather changes….it may be time to start looking into books such as this.

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