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Girl Scout Cookies will never look the same!

Akron, Ohio August 11th, 2010:  Award-Winning actor, Mark Cray, of Akron, Ohio is Teaming up with Award winning Film Maker Bobby Jones to begin pre production of the action packed horror film “ Girl Scout Cookies”.   “Girl Scout Cookies” will star many of todays most prolific Actresses in independent film, such as Monique Dupree, Tara Cardinal, Jessica Cameron, Kimberly Ross, Rachel Grubb and Deneen Melody and introducing Erica Soto and Ryan Rolando (Front man for the band “Payback”).  The Film will be shot almost entirely on the Iron Range of Minnesota and is scheduled to begin the shooting Phase at the end of June 2011.

Mark Cray is a graduate of Mesabi East’s High School class of 1991 and has often thought of making a film there.  “The woods, the atmosphere, the lakes, It’s a perfect location for a horror movie!”  Mark then adds. “ The response from everyone I’ve talked to from my home area has been overwhelming, we’ve already secured some fantastic locations and some really amazing talent.  We intend to cast many of the of the locals for the film and while many people tend to shirk at horror films we really feel that people are going to see all the beautiful scenery and gain a new appreciation for what the Iron range has to offer.”

Bobby Jones is an award winning filmmaker with credits including “Hellweek, The Short film “Tear”, and a weekly Cleveland television show titled “The Candidate”.    Bobby Jones wrote the script for “Girl Scout Cookies” and will be director and DP for the film as well.

“Girls Scout Cookies”  is a low budget independent film that will be shot over  5 days towards the end of  June 2011between Biwabik and Hoyt Lakes with a story that centers around a group of couples that go camping for the weekend.  However, things go terribly wrong when the guys realize the women are not who they seem and lives now hang in the Balance.

“There are some incredible action scenes and many of the women involved have already started training with some of the weapons and fighting styles they will be using throughout the film”  “we’re extremely excited about the project and enthusiasm displayed so far. We’ve picked up a huge amount of momentum that is really going to translate into an phenomenal feature film!”

The film will continue accepting Head Shots and Resumes (or a recent picture and basic info of yourself and how to contact you) up until April of 2011.  If interested in becoming cast or crew please send all inquiries to mc.entertainment@hotmail.com.  Fundraising  is currently being run through Kickstarter and each donation to the project entitles the donator to exclusive items and opportunities related to the film.  Please visit www.kickstarter.com and look up “Girl Scout Cookies” for more information.  If you have a product and wish to discuss product placement programs are available. Please contact markcray@hotmail.com for more information.


  1. My Resume and Photos are on IMDb under Mary Hagel Thanks, Mary

    p.s. Nice to meet you guys, Mark, Bobby, and Brandon, we had a fun time with you guys in Virginia at the Coates Plaza Bar!

  2. Andrew Sundeen

    I audition for Girl Scout Cookies on April 9, 2001 and would be interested in being apart of this film still. I made the mistake of saying i was part of an union. Im not part of any union i was just nervous that day. I was number 17 for the audition.If you still need an extra or a creative counsaltant give me a call @ (218)750-7282. I would love to be a part of this film


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