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Book Review: Malcontents – Authors Wilbanks, Thomas, Norris, Chandler

MALCONTENTS-Four Novellas By:
Randy Chandler, Gregory L. Norris, Ryan C. Thomas, David T. Wilbanks

“I think what I love most about her, is her in born need to dominate possess.” Vincent Price The Black Widow 1975

HOWLER By Randy Chandler: A Bonnie and Clyde incarnation get more then what they bargain for when they rob Mama Rose’s brothel. A freak of nature: part wolf, part girl aptly nick named Wolfgirl and fellow whore extraordinaire Zelda thwart the stick up in gruesome splendor then go on the lamb and join the Americana Carnival. Standard protagonist vs. antagonist values are swiftly shifted here as the freaks engage in a bloodbath with a Nazi German group hell bent for revenge against one of their fellow carnies.

It’s certainly suffice to say this is not your typical werewolf tale. Chandler’s ability to morph up into down and down into up keeps this tale a steady page turner chock full of chills, suspense and surprises. Howler renders the reader into looking at the proverbial train wreck as they drive by feeding into their dark, primal curiosities. Howler is graphic, vivid and descriptive enough to make the hairs stiff on the back of your neck.

THE MUSHROOMS By Gregory L Norris: A celebrity reality TV show host, Sunny Weir is brutally attacked in the restrooms by a knife wielding maniac that claims she’d stolen her family’s recipes. While on the mend she grapples with coping of her trauma. Sunny hears her attacker has committed suicide. An unsettling feeling worse than any indigestion consumes Weir. She knows the horror has far from simmered.

The Mushrooms is a disturbing depiction of supernatural suspense. Everyday scenarios and situations make the audience glutens for a suspended belief factor. A bona fide slice and dice slasher has us rooting for our protagonist until the bitter end.

CHOOSE By Ryan C Thomas: Peter Baker has a dilemma. The computer repairman has to choose between murdering his wife or his only daughter. He has until midnight to decide. The blood spills and body count rises as he defies his messenger’s instructions. A chilling climax unfolds as we ponder the million dollar question, what would I choose?

Any author past, present or future could take a monumental tutorial in psychological suspense 101 from Thomas. His use of everyday situations and average characters with typical morals, beliefs and values stacks this tale into a firm, complex structure of creepy mind bending terror.

THE OUTSIDER TRIO By David T. Wilbanks: Malcolm Ehrlich has returned to Henning Hall, a prestigious orchestra to claim his unrequited love for estranged love Violet Dufresne. After months abroad, Ehrlich is devastated to learn of Violet’s disappearance. Bizarre, paranormal turmoil arises forcing Malcolm to enlist the assistance of occult aficionado Heinrich Dunkle. Together they chase down an unworldly trio from one realm to the next in constant pursuit of his lost love.

Wilbanks utilizes the paranormal in an unapologetic, unpatronizing fluency. He beckons the reader from note one in his symphony of demented, hellacious story telling. Stretching the realms of plausibility and pre-ordained belief Wilbanks has a gift for compelling even the most cynical of readers.

Malcontents is cleaver, charismatic and innovative horror for the discerning horror fan. Each author is gifted, versed and innovative into coercing their audience on the spine tingling journey; well worth the sleepless nights and imaginative epiphanies.

Book Review: Malcontents – Authors Wilbanks, Thomas, Norris, Chandler

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