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12 Pirahna 3D Jokes

Piranha3D is directed by Alexandre Aja,and will be in theaters this summer(2010).

It is the story of prehistoric man-eating fish,getting set free by an underwater earthquake/tremor. A feeding frenzy is to follow, as the little things tear up some springbreakers on a lovely beach!

It stars Elizabeth Shue, Eli Roth, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss, and more…

Let’s test the treacherous waters,with:
12 Bad jokes about Piranha3D!!!!

1) What do you get,if you cross a 3D horror film about deadly fish tearing up humans,and the legendary drummer from RUSH tearing up the kit?
“Peart-rahna 3D”!

2) What 3D film is about skunkfish terrorizing people filled beaches?


3) If this R&B artist, asked you a favor in a memo,it would be as:

4) A sequel to Piranha3D, has the man-eating fish in Antartica.It will be called:

5) If a Russian space station was in the shape of a deadly man-eating fish,you’d call it:

6) What Piranha3D actor, do you call to fix your circuit/breaker box at home?
“Richard Drey-fuse”!

7) The Piranhas are big Abe Vigota fans.What is their favorite Barney Miller character portrayed by him?

8) The piranhas are so fast they aren’t seen easily. So, you could call them:

9) What man-eating fish,perspires and needs deodorant?


10) What kind of deadly fish swim in nothing but filtered water systems?

11) Elizabeth Shue, is among the cast of Piranha3D. Alistofbetsinhershoe, was a numbers runner, and hid the tickets in her sneakers.

12) According to SAG, the little Piranhas will be paid like their body covering…

In “Scale”!

These are the reactions those 12 bad jokes should have given you. We’ve dipped our toes in the waters, and taken 12bites out of Piranha3D!

Hopefully, you enjoyed and will recover for the next awful batch!
Remember, there’s a bad joke just waiting to be written!

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