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Film Review: Michael Myers v.s. Jason Voorhees (short film) (2011)

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The HWF has actors portraying the major horror characters and having them battle it out in a wrestling ring.


Short and silly….its Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers in a knock down drag out fight. Ok, maybe pulling on that back a bit, its the 2 of them exchanging grunts in a boxing ring. The idea is novel, and could have easily been done by most with a camera. The trademark nods and moves by Michael Myers elevates its off humor slightly above what it truly is. A simple horror short. Fans will be glad to know that Leather face is waiting by as well. He is only duped by one clown faced “Tiny” who brings in the closer.

The short if centered around a WWF style commercial which is calling itself HWF. I think horror fans would still love to see some of these standoffs though in a more budget suited film release. This kind of concept was of course done before in MTV’s claymation Celebrity Deathmatch. Though you might enjoy the clay more as its not so PG rated. I’m calling this a cute little effort….ya I said cute….and not bad for a quickie watch during your work break.

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