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Vamps: Lilith Astaroth


Lilith Astaroth is a metal singer, model, performer, and actress.Taking the reins and fronting heavy metal bands since age 15, she is primarily known for her death metal vocals for the band SORROWSEED. (Currently, Nemesis Engine) Her style of singing combines low guttural growling and high-pitched shrieking; as such, she is often compared to vocalists Dani Filth and Angela Gossow. She is currently exploring operatic style vocals in the soprano range. Lilith Astaroth’s newest recording is her cover of “Christian Woman”, a tribute to Peter Steele of Type O Negative, in which she formally introduces this new aspect of singing to her music.

Lilith Astaroth is also known for her work as a model in the gothic and fetish genres – having several years of modeling under her belt, and appearing in several publications (most noteably the Januray 2009 issue of Hustler’s TABOO). She has a love of cybergoth, steampunk, and latex fashions, and has modeled for many latex designers, throughout the USA, and internationally for latex fashion shows. Lilith is a well-known persona in New England, where is she from, and frequently is a performer, host, or special guest at many gothic and fetish events in this area. With her love of performing and of music, it is not unsual to find her as a featured go-go dancer or skit performer at her favorite clubs. Lilith is also known for her newest interest in “cosplaying”, in particular for dressing as her EverQuest character, a dark elf wizard, for Sony Online’s FanFaire conventions in Las Vegas – she is featured in the EverQuest 10th Anniversary book in this elaborate costume. She has worked and appeared at many other cons around the country.

In 2009, Lilith began exploring the world of acting, starting with taking courses from Harvard University, doing extra work for major films, and landing minor roles in independent films such as: God of Vampires, Nun of That, Heaven and Hell, Legless,and  Scrooge in the Hood. She has also appeared on NESN as a ring girl for Boston Boxing, has done several interviews in the cosplay documentary Cosplayer Nation, appeared on NBC’s The Dr. Keith Show to talk about safety as a public figure on the internet, and appears several times in the reality-based web series Quiet Desperation. Her plans for the future are to focus on the horror genre and take on larger roles as her acting skill develops. In 2012, the first Sorrowseed music video, currently in post-production, will be released for the song “Ocean Scorn”.

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  1. Lilith is an amazing vocalist!! Really hope to see her in some more films soon as well!

  2. I’ve never met Lilth myself, but I have close friends who work with her and she’s an amazing performer!

  3. Cool interview! I’ve seen her on stage and love her music! Awesome live shows

  4. Love the pictures – so different but all amazing. As Black Metal goes, no one does it better than Lilith and Sorrowseed – can’t wait for the new stuff to come out

  5. Lilith has some sick vocals and acting skills for sure.


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