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Book Review: Dominion – Author Scott M. Baker

Dominion (Book Three of the Vampire Hunters Trilogy) by Scott M. Baker
Print Edition
Kindle Edition

The exciting conclusion of The Vampire Hunters

After being hidden away for centuries, the Vampyrnomicon, the Book of the Undead, is finally unearthed, and with it the terrible secret of the vampires’ origins. The discovery of the Vampyrnomicon gives Drake Matthews the means to defeat the Master and eradicate the vampire threat, but it also provides Chiang Shih with the knowledge she needs to make her masters immortal.

Now more powerful than ever, Chiang Shih raises an army of the undead and creates a vampire nation in Washington D.C. Her attempt to assassinate Drake and his colleagues nearly cripples the hunters, but fails to kill them all. Driven by vengeance, and with his band of hunters swelled by unlikely allies, Drake leads the group into the infested city.

With the fate of humankind hanging in the balance, hunters and vampires wage the final epic battle in the streets of the nation’s capital to determine who will hold dominion over the Earth.

The wait is finally over, “Dominion” Book Three of Scott M. Baker’s vampire trilogy is finally here. I have read and reviewed Book 1 here and Book 2 here and found both books to be fantastic vampire tales.

“Dominion” in my opinion is the best of the three and that is saying a lot. The action picks up where “Vampyrnomicon” left off. The hunters are still searching for the book that can finally kill the vampires off for good, while the vampire master Chiang Shih tries to do the same.

The action is unbelievable, Mr. Baker ramps up the carnage as the masters try to rebuild their covens to take over the capital city. This is no simple vampire tale, this a vampire tale of epic proportions with amazing characters and equally amazing vampires.

I especially like how Mr. Baker weaves in references and pays homage to past vampire history and lore. A new hunter with the last name Cushing, a rabbit named Van Helsing, a painting of Nosferatu and especially where the Vampyrnomicon was hidden. Mr. Baker knows his vampire history well and uses it wonderfully in this tale.

It is the human qualities that he gives his characters that really stand out for me and that is especially what draws me into a story.  If characters are not lifelike and believable the story will not work. Mr. Baker’s “Hunters” are very lifelike and believable and I came to care about what happened to them very much.

Again, Mr. Baker’s vampires are just as I like them. Fully intent on subjugating the human race for their own needs, they are evil, vicious and monstrous in every way. I loved them.

If you are vampire fanatic like I am you will absolutely love this vampire trilogy. In fact I like this more then “The Strain” trilogy. So what are you waiting for? Use the links above to order what I feel is one of the best vampire stories I have ever read and I give it my highest recommendation.

Book Review: Dominion – Author Scott M. Baker

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