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‘The Sacred’ Hits DVD with Harrowing Imagery

THE SACRED, officially hits the DVD market today! Orders are being accepted now over at the official The Sacred website  and if you do it there, right now, you can save some cash and get all sorts of cool bonuses! It is also being distributed in other national outlets by Osiris Entertainment.

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The Sacred:
A trip into the Florida swamps turns into an inescapable nightmare for a group of college students studying American Indian folklore. Convinced that the best way to complete their thesis project is to experience the serene environment firsthand, the determined students pack their bags and leave the city. But this isn’t your ordinary swamp; here, your past sins can truly come back to haunt you. And when they do, the consequences can be deadly.

Or Check out Trailer of “The Sacred”

Directed by Jose Zambrano Casella, The Sacred stars newcomer Jessica Blackmore (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr), Jordan Wall (A&E’s “The Glades”), and John Kyle (The Woods Have Eyes).

It has already garnered several awards including 2 Best Picture Awards from the Fear Fete Horror Film Festival and the Los Angeles Tabloid Witch Awards and has gotten some good reviews at top horror sites such as Bloody Disgusting and Arrow in the Head

You can become a facebook fan of the film at www.facebook.com/sacredmovie

THE SACRED – Some Places are Better Left Alone

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