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HorrorNews.net says Google+ and Get on Board!

If you’ve been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, you’ll want to seriously consider grabbing your Google+ Business Page. Usually I don’t use this site for social media advice, but I see enough relevance to warrant some movement in the Horror community.

First the basics:
1- create a personal profile
2- create a Business page (if applicable)

You’ll have to follow in that order, don’t use your personal profile as your business page
(it will get deleted eventually)
Note: I’ve seen a few personal profiles who named themselves “Horror _name___” which is not advised as it violates the “name use” terms
(nothing new here, Facebook has those same rules)

The one thing I noticed off the bat of which I’m sure web sites, film sites and of course “horror web sites” will want to take advantage of is, the “lack of” at the moment.

You can do a search for “Horror” and find only a hand full of entries AND pages. This in my mind represents a significant visibility advantage and a boost for your SEO efforts.

As far as I can tell there is not a way to pump in your RSS feed INTO Google+ “yet”, so it’s gotta be a done-by-hand deal. However, it’s still a nice way to give your important articles some boost.

As of this article is appears that several of the big studios “haven’t” gotten the relevance yet with nothing coming up for Lionsgate. Universal, 20th Century Fox…etc

Sony gets it ;) though

What is the takeaway here?
Well, it appears that Google+ is actually at the moment a search engine “within” a search engine. So searchers are going into the Google+ space and doing searches but finding limited results within the Google+ Business pages

This “lack of” content I suspect will change soon, but for now you’ve got the spotlight!!

If this helps, be sure and show some love by following HorrorNews.net on Google+

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