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November welcomes ‘Tortures of the Damned’ onto free streaming video

Tortured teens, passion, violence and gore…these and other choice ingredients blend well in the November, 2011 episode of the cult hit TV series, “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour.”

In “Tortures of the Damned,” a trio of over-privileged high school students decide to carjack and assault a middle-aged man just for kicks. When their newly aquired flashy Corvette runs out of gas deep in the country, they take refuge in an old house where years before, an unbalanced man tortured his wife to death. As night falls, they begin to suspect he has returned—with good cause.


“We’ve kept things fresh in the fourth season with fast-paced stories featuring interesting characters doing interesting things,” says series creator Lee Martin. “The second half of season four will be even more brutal than the first, testing the limits of the show’s TV-14 rating.”

The episode features stylish cinematography and lighting design by Detroit-based auteur, Peter Fox. Howling Mad Studios in Novi, Michigan created the cringe-inducing gore effects and the glossy post-production work was created by Wolverine state native Brian Schoof.

The episode features outstanding performances from Canadian scream queen Erika Hoveland as the unlucky wife, as well as several other members of the cast.


“Tortures of the Damned” airs every Thursday and Saturday throughout November, 2011. For channels & times plus a live streaming video simulcast link, visit www.leemartinsthemidnighthour.com.

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