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Horror Talk 15


Hello My Dear Freaks and Minx!
Oh, how I’ve missed you all! The fact is peeps, I’m a busy little minx. But am I too busy for you now you may ask?! HELL NO! All the kick ass stuff I’ve been doing is for the greater good for all of our true horror fans out there and once my evil plans show themselves, you will know how much I adore you all. Hell, let’s face facts, I could be setting on the mission to track down Marilyn Manson and turn him into my sex slave but am I?! Exactly! haha

I am starting a new project called ‘Dai On Location’. Which location you ask, well many! And I started on Friday by going to a paranormal investigation where a reported demon was haunting a young suburban family. Details and experiences will be posted shortly and I will let ya know where to read the article. The psychic from this investigation will be joining us on Sundays webcast at blogtalkradio.com/horrornewnet at 11:30 EST so make sure you tune in and talk to our friend Mama Lisa!
Now my lovies… on with the show!


The genre this movie falls under is very debatable but I feel it can be discussed within the horror genre.

One of my favorite movies that has come out within the past few years is PANS LABYRINTH. I don’t know if most of you have seen this film but for those who haven’t, you are missing out on one of the most beautifully done films in a long time.

Pan’s follows a young girl who is ripped from her surroundings and moved into a virtual war zone to live with her mother’s new husband as they await the birth of her baby brother. Ophilia, the girl, meets a faun who tells her she is the long lost princess that disappeared many years before in a quest to see the human world.

He tells her she can retake her rightful place in her kingdom once she completes three tasks.

The failing health of her mother and her anger toward her new step father, who happens to be a cruel Captain in the army who are fighting all around her, gives her the reasons she needs to want to escape the horrors she is facing and takes the quest from the faun.

Now all of this sounds like a fantasy/drama right?! Well let’s cut to the creatures in the film. If you will recall a few weeks back, I talked about the creatures in Monster Squad and said dedication like that was rare nowadays. And I stand by that completely. The detail and attention that went into each and every creature in this film was completely amazing and rare. This shows that heart is still being used in the horror genre today. But what about our homeland filmmakers? When is shock value and nudity going to stop being a krutch and we bring it back to asthetics? I would love to see 1000 more films with heart than 100000 poor atempts at making a buck o getting someones name out.

I think it is important to the horror genre and our next generation of kids coming up to be able to see that good films aren’t just about a topless DD breasted female getting hacked to pieces. You can be creeped out by a loose skined creature that never has to touch anyone as well.

Sinister Cinema ShortS:

Written By: Brandy Hines

The film opens as we see a menacing man’s bed. Child’s clothing is exposed as he pulls the covers back. He picks them up and takes a quick sniff before heading in to the bathroom to get dressed. (There is a gnarly scar on this dudes leg and I personally want the story behind it!) He heads out to the playground and soon his intentions are unmasked. I loved this short for many reasons one being, I have a new monster to threaten my kids with when they are misbehaving! haha not really, well ok, yeah. haha!

This was Brandy’s first shot at filmmaking and she did surprisingly well!
I think that over time she will develop the experience needed to become a great filmmaker, right now atleast she has a good idea. A little work could be done with camera maneuvering and maybe a little more attention could have been put into smoothly executing the story from one scene to the next. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t drag, it just seemed very choppy at points.

The special effects with the choice of meat and the sound effects that went with dinner were hysterical and meant to be so. You can’t go wrong with overdoing a sound in a spoof type piece. Well done Brandy and I’m looking forward to more!


Oh, be still my heart, from end to start, I’ll try to keep my pose,
I’m the biggest fan, of this here man, the one and great Zombienose!
Haha, he is the only one who could make me get so silly!
I am so excited that my dear friend Zombienose dropped in to spill a little ”diddy’ for all of you. If you have yet to see his work or read his books, get on it RIGHT NOW! haha

This is the man I have proudly coined ‘The King of the Storybook Macabre’ Check out what he had to say!

Hello Anyone, this is Zombienose speaking.

Let me tell you something you probably already know. Life is a fight! Passion swells and fades; love touches us then wrecks us; all the little things add up to bigger things until we settle into the dust of oblivion, justifiably forgotten by anyone that really mattered.

You know who you are & I want you to listen.

Beyond the imagination of childhood we suddenly plummet to our fates. The daily chore of earning a living leaves hardly any time to live at all. Sometimes I wonder what would we be if we didn’t try.
I make art. I make music. I make storybooks.

Explore Zombienose.com and please tell a friend.

Thank you my dear for dropping in! Check him out at www.Zombienose.com or on our site
Zombienose Gallery
Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on that one!

Stay Twisted!

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