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Horror Talk 30

Heya Freaks and Minx!

Welcome back to this Horror Talk: The column that makes you sexy. ;)

Current events are going to start off this edition as I have always said, real life horrors are way more terrifying than movie ones.

Haiti was hit by an earthquake that registered as a 7.0 on the RS causing over 50,000 deaths and injuries on the tiny island. Children have been seen on the street eating mud pies as they have lost their entire families and have no one to take care of them. Mothers are missing their children, fathers are missing their families, children are missing their parents, and we are here at home, unable to do much but look on in horror.

But there is ONE thing that you CAN do! I have found two ways to donate to the people of Haiti where 1005 of the proceeds go to the care, food, and aid of the Haitian people. And you can do it right now without leaving this site.

I have tested both of them and they do work. If you would like to donate
$5, get your cell phone and text YELE to 501501 Or $10 HAITI to 90999

Each text will ask you to confirm that you would like to make the donation by replying YES.

The money gets charged to your NEXT phone bill and will not count against any spending limit or charges that you have now. It will go onto the next billing cycle. I lived in the south when we were hit by Hurricane Katrina and thankfully got very mild aftershocks compared to what New Orleans or Mobile incurred.

I lived in Enterprise AL on March 1st, 2006 when a tornado hit the area killing 9 high school students, one elderly woman, and leaving hundreds without a place to live or food to eat.
I have seen the devastation that follows natural disasters and unless you have been there in person, you have no idea what it feels like to be so helpless.

Please take the time to donate, even if it is just $5. No matter where we live, what color we are, how much money we make, who our friends are, each and every one of us is still human and it is up to us to take care of each other. Thank you in advance for your decision to give.

Now on with the rest of the column.

As this column is entitled HORROR TALK, lets talk some horror!
I asked the question on my FaceBook fan page and Twitter: WHAT ARE SOME OF THE COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT THE HORROR GENRE AND IT’S FANS? And you guys really sounded off! Here is what your fellow horror worshippers had to say:

Andrew Rose That we are all a bunch of evil, hateful, devil worshipping heathens that only watch horror for naked chicks, violence, and blood.

Jeff R Hall The same reason comic book are looked upon so negatively, most of the genre is aimed at teenage boys. Which isn’t to say you cannot, or do not have great examples of each aimed at an adult/intelligent audience, but those examples are buried under the morass of “kids” films.

John Odonnell people think, because we into horror, that we like 2 inflict pain. most of the people i work with think im sum sort of psycho killer.

Kathryn Logue ^^^ Yeah, pretty much sums it up. Except I watch horror for naked chicks, ghosts, and goblins. :-P

Samuel Glass Jr. That there is nothing “intelligent” about the genre or the people who love it.

Mary Bloodsoaker That in order to be accepted in horror, you have to look a certain way–basically like the industry standard, sexist size 2 with fake tits (or least tits that look fake). That women don’t understand horror, can’t be scary, or be menacing. That all “chicks” are easily scared and therefore, you can’t watch horror with them. Also, in a general sense, that we have no respect for love or have empathy and usually we’re the ones who end up in prison for violence, murder, and sex crimes.

Phil Fasso Horror fans are outsiders. But this isn’t a misconception such as a stereotype, and all stereotypes are based in fact. We enjoy dark things, and people who aren’t fans can’t understand. When someone says “How can you enjoy that?” I come back with the answer that horror touches on the darkness inside of us all, and that the best of horror stretches the imagination in ways most other genres do not.

TerrenceKelsey That we’re dangerous sick, twisted menaces to society? I’m actually a friendly sick, twisted menace! ;-p

jod806 misconceived as being death obsessed when I say we enjoy the thrill and rush we also like the gruesome acts to make life less gruesome. If anything we’re life obsessed trying to make the horrors of real life less horrific http://myloc.me/2SROj

darkersidemag looks @ fear and ppl hate confronting it because it makes them feel vulnerable & joys of that nature are equated w/violence

RivetheadRasta I feel a lot of people who aren’t horror fans take a lot of those movies too seriously, it’s all entertainment, like other genre.

stevenguymcdade are misunderstood because we understand that horror is a great relief from the true horrors of the world.

These are all great answers and sadly correct. Horror fans are commonly misunderstood as these misanthropic, devil worshipping, psychopathic, people who are far more likely to commit violent crimes against humanity than people who are not fans of the genre. But why is that?

Are we gearing up for some massive blood thirsty take over of the world where we grab our machetes and butcher knives and go after lost tourists and fornicating teenagers? Of course not. People enjoy the thrill of watching a horror movie where in most cases, our hero escapes unscathed (although their friends and families may have been hacked to death by probing aliens or some guy in a creepy mask).

Although these stigmas won’t go away anytime soon it’s pretty funny to listen to the propaganda of ignorant people who do a lot worse in their own homes than we probably do.
So lets start our own stigmas. That will be in the next edition of the column. Let’s see what good ones we can come up with.

If you would like to chime in and add your opinions to any of the questions I ask the fans, you can find me at:

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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Alright my sexy followers, thank you for stopping by and I hope you all have an amazing time! See you next time!


Views and opinions expressed by Dai are hers and don’t exactly reflect the opinions of horrornews.net, its affiliates, or its owners. So in short, if ya wanna cuss somebody out… talk to that bitch right there!

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