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The Christmas – Bring Home Some APE!

This one looked good when the trailer were playing theaters, just never made it to the cineplex to see it on the big screen. Luckily 20th Centery Fox just announced the home video release and we will all have it for the Holidays.

Dec. 13th is the roll out date and the Blu-ray is chock full of coolness.

Here’s all the info:

James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, Tom Felton, David Oyelowo, Tyler Labine, David Hewlett and Andy Serkis all star, story wise here’s the tale:

Will Rodman, a neuroscientist living in San Francisco is trying to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s disease by testing on chimpanzees, giving them a human level of intelligence. After a test subject’s baby, Caesar, is orphaned, Will decides to raise him at home on his own with his Alzheimer-stricken father. What begins simply as a continuation of his experiment quickly turns into a problem for Will, as Caesar is taken away from him and forced to live in a primate facility. As Caesar’s intelligence continues to grow, he begins to stake his claim as the leader of his new primate counterparts, which will ultimately lead to the RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

* Feature Film
* Deleted Scenes
– Alpha Gets Shot
– Will’s Meeting with Lab Assistants
– Will Discovers Caesar Has Solved Puzzles
– Caesar Plays with Bicycle
– Caesar Questions His Identity
– Caesar Bites Off Neighbors Finger
– Will Ignores the Risks of an Airborne Mutated Virus
– Rodney Gives Caesar a Cookie
– Rocket Gets Hosed by Dodge
– Caesar Destroys the Lab and Koba’s Attempted Revenge on Jacobs
– Caesar Pushes Helicopter
– Koba with Shotgun
* Pre-vis for The Future
* Capturing Caesar – Script to Screen
* Studying the Genius of Andy Serkis
* Multi-Angle: Rocket Cookie Scene
* A New Generation of Apes
* Breaking Motion Capture Boundaries
* Breaking New Sound Barriers: The Music and Sound Design of Rise of the Planet of the Apes
* Ape Facts
– Chimpanzee
– Gorilla
– Orangutan
* Audio Commentary by Director Rupert Wyatt
* Audio Commentary by Writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver
* Character Concept Art Gallery
* Three Theatrical Trailers

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