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TV Show ‘LOST’ finds it’s way to a finale

The End. The ever so typical phrase was the simple yet effective title to the series finale of ABC’s “Lost.” Creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse didn’t need a fancy title or a name of song. They knew the episode would speak for itself. And boy did it ever.

A little over 13 million fans tuned into the show that has seemed to captivate many over the past six years (me included). Viewers waited patiently to see the big payout: answers to what the island was, what it all meant, what was up with that sideways world in season six and many more. Did we get what we wanted? Was the payout big enough to satisfy the minds of hunger ridden fans? Depends on who you ask.

Six years ago fans witnessed the beginning of the mind boggling and mind blowing show “Lost.” Flight Oceanic 815 crashed on an island located in an area of the world that seemed to be hidden.

The series chronicled the lives of the survivors through island life, flashbacks, flash-forwards, and most recently a sideways world. We watched as these characters created friendships, relationships, and enemies. There were people with supernatural powers, polar bears, ghostly whispers, people known as ‘the others,’ a black smoke monster, and some invisible dude named Jacob.

The show brought forth many enigmatic and tragic characters to our television screens. Dr. Jack Shephard, the broken and angry doctor destined to become a leader. Then there was Kate Austen, the tough and sad fugitive. James Ford aka Sawyer, the sexy and closed off con man. Hurley Reyes, the kind and unlucky millionaire.

No one can forget John Locke, the man of faith who turned into scary smoke monster. Ben Linus, the evil villain who secretly yearned to be wanted and important. “Lost” was like a revolving door when it came to its characters. Some lasted and some unfortunately bit the dust.

Creators decided to bring in a new method of telling the survivor’s stories during the last season. Sideways story telling was one of the main components in season six. The premiere episode of the final season began with all the Losties on the plane.

In a rather strange turn of events, it landed safely and everyone got off the plane with no hitches. We got to see island castaways along with sideways Losties leading their lives sans plane crash. So we think. Most of the characters seemed to be happy going about their lives. All while island-verse Losties were still struggling to survive but, the series finale dropped a huge bomb. Bigger than ‘Jughead’ that supposedly went off in season five.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for the finale)

Fans were dealt a hand that some deem worthy of a “Lost” conclusion while others may have felt differently. The sideways world turned out to be some sort of a purgatory-ish holding place for most of the souls of the Oceanic passengers. The alternate universe we saw was their souls walking through “life” all while memories of the island were banished to some unknown place. Thanks to Desmond, they were all able to remember their lives on the island and had “awakenings” stemming from a touch from a person, thing, and so on. As Christian Shephard explained to his son, there is no time in that sideways world and some of the Losties died before Jack and some after him. But their souls came to that place to wait for one another so they could pass on.

Of course, Jack had the hardest time accepting this but with the help of Kate, his father, and the rest of his friends he was finally able to let go. Meanwhile, island Jack died saving Kate, Sawyer, Alpert and others. He “plugged” the island back in (that seems to be the best way to describe what happened). He also anointed Hurley as the new protector of the island.

Ben became Hurley’s right hand man. In Jack’s final moments, Vincent the dog came to his side and waited as he died. Sideways Losties all gathered together in a church, hugged, laughed, and waited as Christian opened the doors. A bright light engulfed the room and our castaways. Did they go to heaven or someplace like it? Who knows? But what we do know is that they were happy and together when they moved on.

The characters seemed to have gotten their conclusions. Fans were able to see the lives of these people from beginning to end. For some this was enough. According to Lindelof and Cuse, this show is after all about the characters. But others have cried foul due to the lack of island and Lost mythology answers. Some ask why even introduce the mythology if in the end it will end up getting the back seat?

Fans are even a bit confused about the events that occurred during the last moments of the finale. The only ones who can truly answer that are the creators and they have officially stated “Lost” silence. They will not talk about the show anymore. They have moved on. “Lost” is a show of its own. It made fans laugh, cry, scream, and scratch their heads. Loving the finale or not, we can all agree that Lost is unique and will give us something to talk about and debate for a very long time. Theories will continue to run rampant as we try to detangle the world that is “Lost.”

Still confused? Don’t worry you’re not the only one (I needed a little help decoding a few things).

TV Show ‘LOST’ finds it’s way to a finale

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