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Film Review: Psychosis (2010)

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Susan is a successful crime fiction writer who moves to England with her less than faithful husband (why would anyone cheat on someone that looked like Charisma Carpenter? I have no idea). Once there she starts seeing people who aren’t there and strange things that no one else can see. Is it all in her mind (she is recovering from a nervous breakdown), is someone trying to driver her insane, or is there something more sinister going on here?


Psychosis” is not one of the most original movies I’ve ever seen and at times it is a confusing mess. The opening scene where the crazy guy slaughters a bunch of campers is just pointless and has nothing to do with the rest of the movie (until the very end, and even then if it very forced). Nothing exciting really happens for the entire movie and some parts of it are just plain boring.

Off the top of my head I can think of many movies that share a similar plot (such as “Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, ” “Blood Lock,” and “Dominique is Dead” just to name a few). Think for a moment about all the films you’ve seen where someone recovering from a nervous breakdown goes somewhere to relax (usually somewhere creepy) and starts seeing things that no one else can see (or hear)? If you’ve seen any other movie with this plot then you’ve pretty much already seen “Psychosis” as its biggest problem is that it suffers from a serious lack of originality.

I’m not really sure what “Psychosis” wants to be. If it’s a horror film it isn’t scary and if it’s supposed to be a suspense/thriller if isn’t suspenseful (or thrilling, for that matter). I thought that it was pretty boring for the most part and had forgotten about most of it a couple of hours after I watched it. There is really no action, very little gore, and I thought that it moved along at a snail’s pace.

Some people who watch it may say that the explanation for why Susan is seeing things is original but I disagree. It was done before (and a lot better) a little known British horror film called “Scream Time.” One of the segments from that film is very similar and I wonder if the filmmakers weren’t influenced by it when they decided to do “Psychosis.” I myself wasn’t that impressed by the revelation (mainly because I’ve seen it before) but some viewers may dig it (I’ll admit that I didn’t see it coming).

I think that the only thing that really saves this movie is the fact that Charisma Carpenter is in it. I have been a fan since she was on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” and I think she is a very underrated actress. In addition to being easy on the eyes she is also talented and I think she does a wonderful job playing the part of Susan. Even if the character isn’t the most original or well-written in the history of film Carpenter still does a kick ass job with what she has to work with. She should be proud of the fact that she is the best thing about this film and if she hadn’t been in it I don’t think I would have had anything positive to say about it.

“Psychosis” just wasn’t for me. I thought that it was unoriginal, boring, and confusing as hell at times (can someone explain to me why Susan was hanging out with the creepy, oddball hunter guy after he flashed her? She was terrified when she first saw him and then they are having dinner together like they are good buddies a few moments later!). I thought that the ending was very rushed and as about as cooking cutter as you can get. I really wasn’t into the movie at all but there may be some people out there who will enjoy it. Check it out if you are a Charisma Carpenter fan but keep in mind that if you are wanting to see something you haven’t seen before you may want to look elsewhere. I’m not saying that it is a terrible movie as it is at least watchable, but I don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to revisit it anytime soon.

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