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Book Review: One Buck Horror (Volume 2) – Editors Chris and Kris Hawkins

The best horror often lurks unseen. Shying away from the bright lights, and the big budgets, and the household names, it sits quietly in the shadows, waiting to spring out and wrap its greasy tentacles around your windpipe. You may not have heard of One Buck Horror. And it’s not hard to guess how much this short anthology will set you back. But what a bargain it represents. Five lovingly crafted tales that all fans of the horror short will undoubtedly enjoy. Herewith, as is the time-honoured custom, a cursory, non-spoiling summary of what to expect.

What Swims These Waters by Daniel Ausema – Well, come on, it’s a horror book. So I’m sure I won’t be spoiling anyone’s enjoyment by telling you that ‘what swims these waters’ isn’t very nice. ‘Nuff said.

Holes by Sean Logan – A story about drug addiction, with a nasty Lovecraftian twist. Guaranteed to keep you away from your local crack den.

Beastie by David Bischoff – A darkly surreal tale of a cat called Beastie that brings something home with it one day. Clue: it’s not a ball of wool.

3 Monkeys by Adam Howe – A gruesome tale of life in an insane asylum. Despite the familiar setting, this is engaging, well-crafted and holds your attention until its quietly sinister denouement.

The Afterlife of Ellen Easterling by Michael Penkas – In my humble opinion, they saved the best until last with this story of a ghost that’s reluctant to leave terra firma.

It’s just a short, sharp shock. But when you’re only shelling out a buck, then it represents extremely good value. All the stories are expertly composed, original and compelling. Download and be damned. Four Black Stars.

One Buck Horror (Volume 2) – Editors Chris and Kris Hawkins

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