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2012: Hope VS Fear

While writing this column has brought my attention to details of various sides to the 2012 topic, my imagination has also been running wild as I consider the possible outcomes, prophecies and theories. This enhanced perspective I am taking has also encouraged me to ask questions, such as: “What is really going to happen…honestly?”

This question is obviously one that anyone who knows about 2012 predictions wants answered. Speculation of apocalyptic scenarios such as asteroid impact, global flooding, and nuclear war definitely ignite fear and spark interest, and should be discussed and considered. However there are also hopeful outcomes, such as an evolution of consciousness and the human race achieving a new understanding of its purpose. What topics to learn, know and believe while navigating toward our unknown future can be obtained from numerous sources, but one must be careful with where they obtain their information.

With all of the theories out there and different people giving their opinions, there is the risk of being scammed and (to put it quite simply) buying into bullsh*t. Many people fear that their concern for the future is being taken advantage of by scare tactics and/or wishful thinking, while with every right, too. In our world today it is widely known that there are those who prey on others hopes and fears in order to profit. So where is the line drawn between educating yourself and kidding yourself?

Whether you fear an apocalypse or hope for transcendence (or how about: fearing transcendence and hoping for an apocalypse?) there is a unifying aspect for us all to embrace: no one knows what is going to happen. Many may have sound ideas based on “this evidence”, “that prophecy” and their own experiences but there is really no way of knowing, honestly. Debating the possibilities is not futile however, but we do not need people promoting false hope and spreading fear. With a global (or cosmic) event proposed to occur in 2012 there are many ignoring warnings, capitalizing on fear and promoting of false hope. So if you are truly interested in the subject, no matter what you hope or fear, how do you obtain the best understanding of it all?

(“Fear and Hope” by ratpat13 – deviantART.com)

This quest of understanding is apart of wanting to know what is going to happen. We cannot understand completely until our future is revealed when 2012 comes and goes, but the knowledge we gain until then will aid our preparation. I have come to find that while sifting through mounds of scientific evidence and ancient prophecies, not knowing what will happen is what makes this so interesting. So much could happen to us, our world and our understanding of existence… or nothing at all.

While we continue to ponder our fate, we will have to come to know our hopes and fears. Fear can bring limitation and/or protection while hope can be salvation and/or blissful ignorance. Understanding our existence and the possibilities of our future seems to come from both utilized in balance. So try to take a lot of what you learn about 2012 with a grain of salt, but don’t discount things that you don’t necessarily understand, for you may come to in time.

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