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Horror Art: Sharaya Brooks


Born in a small town near Detroit Michigan in 1986, American artist, Sharaya Brooks began drawing in school and at home, deciding to become professional in 2008. That year She published the first of many Dark Art and Macabre Pieces, ‘Proud Craftsman’. Before then she had aspired to be a singer, actor and many other things never letting her creativity blossom as visual art.

She specializes in dark and macabre art, particularly emphasizing fear and beauty and even often experimenting with various other styles as well. Sharaya has made numerous Victorian inspired pieces, including the classic ‘Charlie and Eileen’. Her piece ‘The Doctor Will See You Now’ (2008) is an effort to express the hardships of unsuitable bedside manner and aid for the sick and elderly as well as the malice of human nature.

When viewing a Sharaya Brooks piece, one might find it random and unnerving surprisingly in a sort of comfortable way. The renderings of her portraits are frightening and almost nightmarish, one expects to be watched by the object in the picture at times. Indeed, Sharaya’s pieces have roots in both Dark, Surreal, and Lowbrow genres. Her subjects, both life-like and cartoon y, are presented with rich imagination and insight into the dark subconscious, sometimes combining eye pleasing softness and a very sadistic attitude of terror and darkness.


Horror Art: Sharaya Brooks

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