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Horror Art: Jerrod Brown


A “real” horror artist, that creates paintings in the middle of paint tubes, brushes and palettes, THAT describes Jerrod Brown. A strong advocate of conventional/traditional art that is “truly” painted by hand. So many artists have profited from the advantages of digital illustration – quick and cheap production, low budget solutions, variable use of single motives and the possibility to exchange single parts of the picture

Thus in Jerrods opinion, individuality and creative output get lost more and more. In many cases, you don’t recognize a personal “handwriting” anymore, the pictures resemble one another, they are smooth and without “soul”. Jerrod paints according to the conventional technique, with real paint, brushes and canvas on easels. That means his customers get an artwork that they may hold in their hands, feel, look and even smell. In his own words, ” I paint with a brush, NEVER a mouse. Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Basil Gogos, Bernie Wrightson, (the list of notable artists goes on) would never resort to digital, nor shall I. If you’re an artist…pick up a brush”.

Jerrod is a self taught left-handed traditional artist who has been painting and drawing nearly his entire life, everything from murals to illustrations. He paints and draws from his studio at home. As recently as ‘Scream Fest 2007’, Jerrod met and was inspired by one of his childhood idols “Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazine cover artist ‘Basil Gogos.’ From that day forward, he has pursued his love of painting in the horror genre and film monster portrait art. Jerrod currently resides in Jacksonville Florida with his wife Linda and daughter Evelyna. His work can be seen at www.myspace.com/jerrodbrown . He also sells original paintings, prints and commissioned work from his home studio and at conventions.

Jerrod Brown - Horror Art - 1Jerrod Brown - Horror Art - 2Jerrod Brown - Horror Art - 3Jerrod Brown - Horror Art - 4Jerrod Brown - Horror Art - 5Jerrod Brown - Horror Art - 6Jerrod Brown - Horror Art - 7Jerrod Brown - Horror Art - 8


Horror Art: Jerrod Brown

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