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Horror Art: Clint Carney


Clint Carney has been drawing and painting since he was very young. His art is hanging in several galleries throughout the US and in countless private collections around the world. His published work includes a series of serial killer portraits done for Serial Killer Magazine. Most recently, his painting “Becoming You,” has appeared on the March, 2009 cover of Macabre Cadaver Magazine, as well as in the advertisement for the “Gruesome Art Ghoullery,” at the 2009 Los Angeles Fangoria Weekend of Horrors.

Clint is also the singer/song-writer for the bands SYSTEM SYN and FAKE and plays keyboards in the band IMPERATIVE REACTION.

When he is not painting or working on music, Clint enjoys writing horror stories, tattooing, and dabbling in special effects make-up.

Clint is a member of the art collective, “Blood and Oil.”


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