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Italian Sci-Fi Double Feature (Starcrash and Yor)

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Exhumed Films Presents:Italian Sci-Fi Double Feature

Friday Sept 16th, 2011
Doors at 7:30pm, Trailers/Show at 8:00
$10 for the Double Feature

Free Parking!  Info and Directions here

Starcrash (1978 92m)

The late 70s were a ripe time for Star Wars “inspired” films and this may be on of the most shameless of the bunch.   Luigi Cozzi (Alien Contamination) directs David Hasselhoff, Genre favorite Caroline Munro, Christopher Plummer (Sound of Music) and Joe Spinnel (Maniac) in this low budget story of a pair of smugglers who are recruited for a secret mission to destroy a mysterious superweapon designed by the evil Count Zartham






Yor – The Hunter from the Future  (1983 88m)

The legendary Italian genre director Antonio Margheriti brings us this amazing blend of sword and sorcery and sci-fi in which our hero YOR fights aliens, dinosaurs, ape-men and various other bad guys all to the tune of his very own theme song!

PLUS Trailers and other Surprises!

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