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HorrorNews.net is looking for music CD reviewers!

If interested, like horror, like music and don’t mind reviewing 100’s of CD’s please inquire – Must supply an example of your writing to qualify. Must have basic blog skills to enter your review (Word press is better)

Please read thru all before inquiring to HorrorNews.net

Information on the reviewer positions:
unpaid, though you KEEP any product you receive!
– self managing – this is why passion is a must, and the time available to review music. In summary we are looking for self motivated music lovers to contact record labels for CD screeners to review (music only – this is not for films)

What you can expect?
– It’s almost a guarantee that if you inquire to labels as a dedicated Music CD reviewer for HorrorNews.net, that you’ll receive lots of product! In fact, you may receive more than you ever wanted. So prepare yourself. If you can’t make the time – then don’t ask for CD demos from them!

01– you must review EVERY music CD you receive – this is the good faith return for them sending you free music.

02– You must email “them” back once the review is posted – also as a thank you gesture.

03– We want intelligent reviews no matter how bad or good the release is
(No, this CD f*cking sucks!!! comments) or related.

04– Now this requirement is somewhat subjective…however, we are a Horror site, so it only makes sense that you stick to music artists that have some relative relationship to that.

Example of good choices: death metal bands, Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Alice Cooper, theatrical bands, death hip hop rap, Gothic (any qualify), Horror soundtracks, Horror film soundtracks, qualifying punk releases, qualifying trendy alternative acts

Example of incorrect choices: Madonna, Barry Manilow, Willie Nelson, Maria Carey, Kelly Clarkson

Hope that makes sense!!!

05– You must contact the labels directly – though we will send email requests directly to you as well

(The reason for this, is we have our hands full with film and book reviews – which leaves us zero time to review music)


Email us at positions@horrornews.net – in subject line “CD reviewer
Do not email us unless you have 2-3 examples of your writing skills for music CD’s
You can attach a word doc, or an online link.

Please allow time while we review submissions – we are looking for 3 writers

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