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Book Review: Hunting The Moon Tribe – Author David Agranoff


by David Agranoff

For a thousand generations, the Dragon Slayers Society has hunted the most vile monsters across China. Thirty years ago Yuen Wong sacrificed his wife Elsa to save his new born son, Chen. They escaped China to America, and Yuen continued his search for the warrior foretold to confront the master vampire, Huwan-Tun.

Erich is a student at the Wong’s martial arts school, who is haunted by dreams of a beautiful Chinese woman, and the master of evil who controls her. Erich assumes that these dreams are just nightmares, but when he sees the woman in the real world, the true nightmare begins. Erich chases love and destiny beyond the veil of death into the Chinese underworld.

This story features knife-throwing Chinese acrobats, giant winged mastodons, dragons, vampire wraiths, Madme Yu’s House of Freaks, headless giants, mountain spirits, demon-possessed swords and trees, kungfu zombie vampire warriors starved over a thousand years, and battles between the gods and goddesses of ancient China. Hunting the Moon Tribe is a bizarro martial arts epic.

I liked David Agranoff’s latest novel “Hunting The Moon Tribe” but the poor editing job really took away from what could have been a really good book. Missing words, punctuation errors, spaces missing, capitalization errors etc. littered the pages.

I find a few errors in most books I read but “Hunting The Moon Tribe” just contained way too many for me. Hopefully Mr. Agranoff has a few words with the publisher about this.

That being said, I did enjoy the overall story and characters. I thought the fight scenes were especially good and well written.

I look forward to Mr. Agranoff’s next book as his writing and storytelling is improving, he just needs to get more control on the editing end.

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