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Trailers, trailers and well ……more trailers!

We got a small comment on one of our trailers today, and it got me to THINKING about a short article that I’ve been holding off on. Namely, it’s this Internet issue with trailers. Now, my first comment would be that there is no issue, as we love trailers and love to be able to do a quick query on any title to find one.

Folks, there are ALOT of film trailers created, being created and will most likely continue to ramp up. It’s just the nature of the beast of being a marketing person, a studio or a filmmaker. And with so many films on the market, our cyberspace generation needs to make quick choices about how they are going to spend those 2 hours of film watching. Now here is the other issue….how often have you queried up an article or link only to find that corporate giants of YouTube have canceled the account? (we learned the hard the way with re-doing over 6-7 accounts over time)

It didn’t use to be so bad, but now all those servicing free video accounts are taking down whole channels because one or 2 trailers didn’t make the approval committee. This is especially true in the horror market for obvious racy and horrific content. Their is also a paranoia that everyone is out to sue everyone else….

The solution? Well, usually it means starting over in some respects and re-uploading or starting new accounts. Though that gets OLD, and the time invested gets old. The better way is taking the media control into your our hands (as we have) and posting to “our” technology. This means no Youtube VP or rep is gonna tell us what we can and can’t do. Ya, I like that route….

The takeaway really though at the end of the day, is being able to keep links live, trailers always accessible and not worrying if all those links to “check out the trailer” will still work. The trailers are ultimately a means for the filmmakers to get the word out about their features, so every time a channel goes down, so do all those promotional means.

You’ll be seeing alot of trailers coming both old and new as we build up our archive. This will prove to be a better user experience for our readers as our site architecture is designed to recognize keywords to related films (and their respective trailers). We’ve literally got 1000’s of these things on hard drive that will get a new home within our site, so keep checking back. As we try and get all the new ones in, we’ll sneak as many previous ones in as we have time to do so.

We DO have a complimentary You tube, and Daily motion account…though our movement in taking away the control from the corporate giants will eventually eliminate the need for those as well (for us).

Oh ya, those little logos that appear on trailers in the corner…I have found that sites tend to think that somehow they OWN the trailers by adding those. Actually technically it’s just a “setting” in the hosting program that adds that so that if folks use your embed code it will show readers where it came from. Really the only one who OWNS trailers are the studios who made them (or the interviewer who used his own camera, etc..). Logos are for branding, that’s all. Branding is a function of web site marketing, simple enough. Branding is a function of our culture. Nothing new there.

With that said, all our readers are welcome to grab our trailers as you see fit, if you’d rather watch them on your hard drive. Seems fair right? I know there is a few Manson and Gaga trailers that I couldn’t live without that reside in my “cool things to watch” folder. Though more importantly, hopeful you were inspired enough by them to tell friends to go rent the film. That’s the real takeaway

As always, thanx for listening and let’s keep those old films alive in the process!!

Micahel Bonedigger

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