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Film Review: Sacred Flesh (2000)


The uncontrollable virginity of women has become as dangerous to the Church as uncontrollable sexuality. There are those who question all aspects of women and who see the female as the harbinger of the Devil, bewitching all men with her cunning.


Sacred Flesh with its classy dialog and Shakespearian flair could easily be subtitled “Sister Mary wants to get laid!” There’s trouble brewing at the nuns of the sacred heart” convent. Apparently sister Mary or mother superior as they call her has come down with a case of lustful thoughts and sexual desires. Now you know as well as I do that’s grounds for some sister loving lesbian soft core p*rn.

Though instead of jumping into the fire we are taken to a slow boil. Father Henry is summoned from his lair to come to the aid of nuns in heat. As he journeys across the lands he partakes in conversing about female sexuality to his assistant, a nubile young man who loves the thrill of finding more women to conquer. There is actually a bit of humor in the way he spouts off about a women’s needs whether she be a chaste nun or not. Though it’s his duty to appeal to the beckoning call and so he does.

Meanwhile, sister Elizabeth is suffering from dementia and lunatic ravings as she is visited by he spirit of Mary Magdalene. This outbreak threatens the whole order of the women nunery who are also on the brink of sexing it up with the slightest temptation. Hallucinations arrive as Mary is taken to he ani-chamber for a test of will and faith by Magdalene a reformed prostitute from the Jesus days.

She is informed that these deep seated desires shouldn’t be subdued and that she should ignore her chastity status by satisfying these needs. The hallucinations are frequently accompanied by a strange death mask wearing demon. In other words, lust comes in the form of demons to the sisterhood of self pleasure and lesbian tendencies. This notion gets a bit lost at times, but essence is the root of this UK produced film.

The tension is expressed in the form of sisters debaucherizing themselves as they mature in woman hood. A latent carnality is abound which requires the releases of sexual desires. Whether this story point is true in reality it also makes a good point. That is…. if you want to get lucky hang around a convent for awhile and nature will take its course. The film is directed by Nigel Wingrove and stars Sally Tremaine as the lustful Mother Superior. Other cast members take on the form of characters such as “Succubi”, “Repression” and “Catechism”.

In between our build up that can only lead to an erotic ending full of nunplotitations scenes and pleasure fests, we are given explanations on current ways of subduing these human desires. The nun hood has taken to all kinds of deferment treatments in fear of heresy with unspoken urges. Whipping per laceration, food abuse used as acts of attrition, embracing lepers to catch disease and end the suffering of urges and even the cutting off of lips and noses to ensure cursed virginity are all inventive measures being pursued.

In short, it’s a film that is eloquently told about a bunch of horny nuns who disguise there sexual appetites as demons in their midst. The thrill is an erotic journey that ends in several blasphemous situations including a female threesome over a cross. The film is not your usual cheap thrills film and is taken into detail through an intelligent script. The hallucination scenes add a creepy presence to the mix and add just enough supernatural to keep it interesting. A fine nun-plotiation film at that, that nun enthusiasts should be well at home with. Last but not least I don’t think I’ve seen a hotter bunch of well figured nuns in quite some time as you’ll see here….enjoy!

Sacred Flesh

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