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Countdown to 2012: Solar Activity and Magnetic Pole Shift

Solar Activity and Magnetic Pole Shift

Of the many subjects included in the growing 2012 theories, those concerning an increase of solar activity and a magnetic polar shift may be the most lethal to mankind as well as the most realistic. Their possibility of affecting/destroying life on earth is backed by extensive scientific evidence that magnetic polar shifts have occurred numerous times before in earth’s history and that they will happen again.

The magnetic field of the earth is a complex and a very important feature of the earth. Animals such as birds and whales use this field for navigation purposes and it also shields the earth from solar and cosmic radiation. Solar radiation can easily wreak havoc on the earth and its inhabitants if the magnetic field weakens enough, and it has weakened over 10% in the past 250 years. There is also an area of the field over the south Atlantic that is at only a 1/3 of “normal strength”, believed by scientist to be a precursor to a polar shift.

A polar shift could cause catastrophic damage in a worse case scenario. Speculated events resulting from such a shift include massive global earthquakes, super volcanic eruptions, tsunamis hitting every shore, and entire continents ripped apart. All of this seems devastating enough, but try to imagine solar radiation raining down at the same time.

NASA has recently released a solar storm warning, and they predict that solar radiation will reach a max point (solar maximum) in 2012, during the sun’s own magnetic pole shift. Although these solar maximums occur every 11 years, this one will coincide with the galactic alignment that will occur on December 21, 2012. No one knows how this will affect solar activity or the electromagnetic field of Earth, but many fear it will compound their effects.

In the event of a depleted magnetic field, we can expect to loose modern technological communication systems. Solar radiation, if strong enough, has the ability to penetrate the earth’s magnetic field and ozone layer, especially in weak areas. Depending on the strength of the radiation and that of the field you could simply witness the aurora borealis near the equator, walk away with extreme sunburn or have the atoms and cells of your flesh mutated.

Many scientists and experts also predict that mankind and much of life on earth may survive the events of 2012, but admit there is a definite risk of total devastation. There is going to be a mass of solar radiation that the earth will encounter in the extremely near future, added to a weakening electromagnetic field, and a possible shift of the poles… how does one prepare themselves, or entire nations? Would such efforts be futile? The questions are endless when concerning the subject of our possible apocalypse.

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