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Vamps: Carlynn Carnage


I do various work online and in Atlanta trying to bury myself in the horror community.

I help run a horror model/photography art page called The Original Gore Whores (myspace.com/theoriginalgorewhores). We have monthly contest and eventually we are hoping to one day have events with some of the kick ass bands we deal with. I really enjoy taking pictures, but I love taking horror themed ones even more! Horror make up is one of my favorite things in the world to play with. I love making myself and others into zombies!

I’ve done work for Monster Guitar Picks/Hotpicks USA. I’ve been featured in ad’s for them in Rue Morgue, featured on their web site and Myspace. I’ve also done video interviews with bands for them as well as band photo shoots.

I help out the Atlanta Horrorfest and Zombie Walk (atlhorrorfest.com). Last year I was the band coordinator. If you’re ever in Atlanta in October, it’s something you should really check out!

I’ve designed CD’s, logos, banners and shirts for bands. I do graphic design work for fun. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at it, but I have fun with it!

I’m a Horrorpunk girl all the way! I can’t get enough of bands like Blitzkid, Calabrese, Insides Out, Late Night Zero, The Undead, Creature Feature, The Crimson Ghosts, Nim Vind, Tokyo Monster Control, and the Misfits to name a few.

I could sit at home and watch horror movies and read comic books all
day. I’m an online addict, and a tech junkie. Bugs and Hisses!


  1. C’mon Carlynn!!! What about DieMonsterDie! Give them a shout out

  2. Carlynn Carnage

    Yes! That’s an old bio! Check out this too please!!! DieMonsterDie – All Covered In Blood and Dressed Like a Whore featuring me!!!


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