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12 Bad Jokes About Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Vampire Girl vs.Frankenstein Girl (2009) , is an over the top gore filled, fun-fest, directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura and Naoyuki Tomomatsu.The film has a love triangle, between Vampire Girl(Monami) , Frankenstein Girl(Keiko) and Mizushima.
Throw in some satirical content about “the wrist-cutting society”, some do-wop songs, and buckets and buckets of spraying blood, I must, nay-have to take a bite out of this film with…

12 Bad Jokes About: Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

1) What’s the name of the guy who created “Gumby” and Vampire Girl’s power enabling “cloak”?

Art “Cloak-y”!

2) What song by The Kreeps, did Frankenstein Girl’s father sing to her as he put her together?

“Be My Frankenstein”!

3) What’s Vampire Girl’s favorite Al Pacino film?

“Sea of Blood”!

4) Monami once said, her favorite 80’s horror film was –

“My BloodyChocolateValentine”!

5) Kenji Furano, says:”Dicing” ones daughter is true happiness!But, thought better of an Andrew”Dice”Clay makeover, and transformed her into Frankenstein Girl!

6) After eating a chocolate laced with Monami’s vampiric blood, Mizushima thought the chocolate had some “bite” to it!

7) Who is the wrist-cutters favorite guitarist?


8) What is the wrist-cutter group’s favorite heavy metal band?

“Wrist-ed” Sister!

9) What is the wrist-cutter’s favorite
Echo & The Bunnymen song?

“The Cutter”!

10) With the way Frankenstein Girl wielded her limbs as weapons, you could say she was:

“Armed” and dangerous!

11) With her own arm screwed onto her head as a propeller, it’s no wonder that Frankenstein Girl’s favorite band is:


12) What did Vampire Girl write in Frankenstein Girl’s yearbook?

“Fangs” For The Memories!

Oh Brother!
There you have it, Maniacs!
We poked some fun at a fun flick, that has you on guard if you’re offered chocolate from a mystery girl.Also, be on guard if your father is on the lookout for building better bodies!(Sheesh) !

Until nexttime, remember:
There always a badjoke waiting to written!


  1. awesome as always, Matt!

  2. Thanks,Colleen!
    Especially,since you enjoyed the film as much if not more than I did!!


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