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Book Review: The Darkened Corner – Author Tom Hamilton


By Tom Hamilton
Philistine Press

This dark thriller fits into the horror genre more from its atmosphere and unsettling style rather than the amount of violence. A unique mix of biography and narrative, this intriguing novella follows seventeen years in the life of the main character, an Irish traveler with a knack for narrative.

It provides a stylish read for those with a taste for material that evokes the work of David Lynch and Hunter S. Thompson whilst retaining enough of an unnerving atmosphere to keep Hamilton’s own authorial voice at the forefront.

There are moments of almost lyrical beauty in the prose, but on occasion that lyrical quality can seem a little forced, leaving the reader pining for the occasional description to get to the point.

This is a small issue though, and doesn’t detract from enjoying the piece as a whole. The Darkened Corner is a tale about outsiders, for outsiders. You can’t help but feel some kinship for the main character by the end of the story, no matter how weird it gets.

It has a great sense of style about it, but the novella may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to reading matter. However, the quality is undeniable.

The subject matter is not to my own personal taste, but this is a dark and compelling novella that will surely find a place in the hearts and libraries of misanthropes and oddballs that may notice a few too many elements of themselves in these characters.

The Darkened Corner edges towards dark urban fantasy at points, but that may be more down to the bleak distortions of the human condition on show more than magic. The novella is available for free online, and is well worth checking out if you’re in the mood for something different in regards to format, concept and execution.

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