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The first international sci-fi mystery web series – Overturn?

“Overturn” is claiming to be the first international web series combining a cast and crew of representatives from the United States, Australia, Italy, Denmark,Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, and Vietnam. The show itself is being filmed in Kiev, Ukraine. In the core of “Overturn” is a global mystery that audience will be uncovering throughout the show.

Christopher Gabriel suffers from constant terrifying nightmares. These dreams have been coming since childhood, and all his life Chris tries to understand this disease, but no doctors or books give answers. Suddenly, an unknown group of people from different countries kidnaps him and conducts a number of strange and cruel experiments on him. At first, it looks like one of his nightmares has come true, but gradually, he begins to realize that they know something important about him. Chris also feels that something changes in him? But he does not know yet that he will never get back to his ordinary life because his real life is only beginning?

Christopher Gabriel is portrayed by a young actor by name John Deryl. Mr. Deryl is also the writer and director of the project. Information about the cast and crew is availbale on the website.

“Overturn” premiered on February 16th. The first season consists of five episodes, just releasing the last 5th episode.


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  1. I love Overturn. It is the only high quality web series I know. The story is so deep and engaging. It really makes you want to solve the mystery. Big respect for John Deryl. Sci-fi audience will love this series.


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